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By , 2010年 9月 11日


pangbianr is a platform for exploring the lived culture of making music in China. Our mission is to produce, distribute, and promote underground Chinese music and to build relationships between musicians, filmmakers, and visual artists both within China and internationally.

pangbianr.com is a resource for discovering avant-garde and emerging music from Beijing and elsewhere in China via streaming audio, video, reviews, interviews, and articles about independent Chinese art, music, and film.

Send ideas, comments, questions, etc here: contact@pangbianr.com


Pangbianr.com, 旁边儿网站是一个分享资料库,我们挖掘来自北京和中国各地的前卫实验音乐和新音乐创作者,通过添加mp3试听,原创影像,活动评论,当事人采访以及专栏文章来关注中国独立音乐、艺术和影像,并在第一时间与大家分享。


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