SIMA presents Module 2: Emerge

By , 2015年 12月 27日

Module 2: Emerge is the second release by the Sino-Indian Music Alliance (SIMA), a coalition of artists, labels, and promoters united in the goal of building new cultural bridges between Asia’s two most rapidly developing countries.

The eight-track compilation is an index of exchange between alternative currents within the Chinese and Indian underground electronic music scenes, bringing together stray thoughts, spare beats, and new moves from Kolkata (Hybrid Protokol, 5volts), New Delhi (Hashback Hashish, Jamblu), Bangalore (_RHL), Beijing (Nara, FAR/∞, Menghan), and Changchun (JFI).

Emerge caps off SIMA’s second year of sub-cultural interaction and exchange along the lines of electronic music production in India and China. In Spring 2014, Sinotronics curated a four-city China tour for Hashback Hashish, introducing him to the work of some of Beijing’s most progressive and influential electronic musicians: SHAO (formerly Dead J), FAR/∞, iimmune, Nara, JFI, and Menghan. Hashback Hashish returned to China at the end of 2014 for a second mini-tour connected to the release of SIMA’s first compilation, Module 1: Oscillate.

Continuing the momentum, Beijing producers Dead J and Menghan completed an India tour in Spring 2015, creating contacts in New Delhi and Kolkata that have paved the way for future collaborations and interactions, as indexed on this compilation. Hashback Hashish and FAR/∞ return from Oscillate, joined by Chinese experimental electronic scene veterans Nara and JFI, as well as relative newcomer Menghan, whose debut EP is out on Sinotronics in early 2016.

From the India side, Hashback joins forces with fellow New Delhi-based REProduce artist Jamblu for one collaboration, and with Kolkata scene lynchpin Varun Desai, aka 5volts, for another. Emerge is rounded out geographically with a slice of schizophrenic footwork from _RHL (one half of Bangalore duo Sulk Station) and metallic, melodic fragments glued together by Kolkata’s Hybrid Protokol.

Module 2: Emerge is produced and curated by Sinotronics, Audio Pervert and Hashback Hashish, with the support roster of REProduce Artists, Vital Agency and littlei Kolkata.

Mastering by Raphaël Valensi, Shanghai
Design by Markus M Schneider (Metroshapes), Beijing
Gif animation by Varun Desai, Kolkata

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SIMA partners:

Audio Pervert (New Delhi)
Sinotronics (Beijing)
REProduce Artists (New Delhi)
Vital Agency (New Delhi)
littlei (Kolkata)
Circuit (New Delhi)

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