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By , 2011年 5月 23日

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(((10))) is one of the weirdest bands I’ve seen for sure. I saw them in 2009 at 2Kolegas — back in the Waterland Kwanyin days — after which performance a friend of mine described them as “Japanese Bjork meets Kraftwerk.” South Korea-born Itta makes sound using a variety of inputs, including kazoos, balloons, squeak toys, a keytar, her wide-ranging voice, and crowd coercion. Marquido, her Japanese counterpart, processes these noises using various gizmos and outputs them into noisy but catchy electro-pop.

Not in China? Watch on YouTube.

You really have to see them for yourself, and you’ll have a few chances in early June since they’re coming for a short tour. I’ll take this chance to plug the pangbianr show on their schedule, which will go down at Hot Cat Club in Fangjia hutong on Sunday June 5th (remember the next monday is a holiday, pre-Dragon Boat party!). That night (((10))) will be joined by Tianjin wildmen Ice Seller and 小红与小小红 (who recently caught some international coverage on the Pitchfork offshoot Altered Zones).

They’re also playing at D-22 and Raying Temple, check the flyer below for the full schedule. And below that, (((10)))’s own out-of-left-field press release. Enjoy.

(((10))) says:

Korean new wave artist itta and Japanese noise creator Marqido formed (((10))) on Oct 10th, 2005.
the name: got 1 from itta(means 存在)’s existence, 0 from Marqido’s Maru(means 丸, qi=喜,do=怒).
They are based in South Korea and have toured in Asia(South Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines), EU (France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, UK) and part of the USA.
They are one of the most active Asian bands.
In China, they have been invited from Music and Art festivals such as:
Mini Midi(2006, 2007, 2008), DIAF(2006), 2pi Festival(2007)
and invited from an artist in residence program in Shangyuan Art Museum, Beijing(2008),
released one album [KITSCH] (2009) from Chinese Indie label Maybe Noise / Maybe Mars.
and on OCT 10th 2010, they got married with each other.
This year, they released a new album [NATUREPLEX] on FEB 11th.
and just after 1 month, met the happen, big big big power of nature. like Sichuan Earthquake…
it was sad, people is so small and weak in front of the nature.
but we can express the nature with heart.
(((10))) will show you the heart.

演出介绍:(((10))) -电子游戏迷幻音乐二人组-

“亚洲最古怪的实验音乐”——《Time Out》

在中国,他们曾被各大音乐节多次邀请,比如Mini Midi(2006、2007、2008年三届)、大山子国际艺术节(2006年)、二皮音乐节(2007年)等,也曾受上苑艺术馆艺术家的邀请于2008年来北京演出。

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