8.28: Klaus Bru, Simone Schirru, Nicola Lancerotti, 李剑鸿 Li Jianhong, Josh Feola @ fRUITYSPACE

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It’s been a bit over a year since XP closed, and we’ve missed it as a site for free jazz & free improv freakout. We’ll prepare a little shot of nostalgia on Sunday, August 28 at fRUITYSPACE, bringing together a few local & global XP alumni for freeform solo, duo, and n-strong noise arrangements.

时间 date/time: 2016.8.28, 9点 / SUN Aug 28, 9pm

场地 venue: fRUITYSPACE (美术馆东街13号, 三联对面)

门票 ticket: 40¥

演奏 performers: Simone Schirru (吉他 guitar), Nicola Lancerotti (低音提琴 double bass), Klaus Bru (C-萨克管 C-saxphone, 电子效果 electronics), Li Jianhong (吉他 guitar), Josh Feola (鼓 drums)

Visiting artist bios:

Simone Schirru – guitar

Simone Schirru is a guitar player, composer and Teacher He graduated in “Jazz Guitar” Academy of Music “G.P. da Palestrina” in Cagliari studying with M. Ferra. Afterwards He got his master degree in Jazz Guitar at “Lemmens Institute” in Belgium studying with P.Hertmans, Frank Vaganée, Ron Van Rossum and Bo Van Der Werf.
He joined the Master Classes led by D. Douglas, S. Coleman, Butch Morris, P. Metheny, A. Braxton, Muhal Richard Abrams, G. Fewell, Roscoe Mitchell, W. Leo Smith, John Scofield etc.

In 2005 and 2008 won the Scholarship of the International Festival of Sant’anna Arresi as best guitar­ player and best Band studying with G. Fewell (Berklee College) and R. Cecchetto.

He played with “Guitto Gargle”, “Cuenta Contemporanea”, the solo project “Improsa Tongue”, “Ajo­jo mandi & the Youngers”, Progetto Nudo, Pixeldrama in many festivals and prestigious places around the world like: Ai Confini tra Sardegna e Jazz (IT), Salon De Musique (IT),Jazz in It (IT), Salon de musique en fete(IT), Udin&Jazz (IT), Salon de Musique Jazz (IT), Musica Sulle Bocche (IT), Jazzando, Musiche dal Mondo (IT), Les Arts Florissant del la Sardigne (Paris,FR), Open City (IT), Englewood Jazz Festival (Chicago,USA), EJE – European Jazz Expo, Jazzin’San Sperate (IT), Marina Caffe Noir (IT), Racconti D’Armenia (IT), Un isola in Festival (IT), Global Futur (IT), Fred Andreson’s Velvet Lounge (Chicago,USA), Chicago Cultural Center (Chicago,USA), Riff Festival (Jodhpur,India), IIT rendevuez Festival (Delhi, India), University of Mumbai (Bombay, India), Biella Jazz Club (IT), AB Ancienne Belgique (Bruxelles, Belgium), JZClub(Hangzhou)
In Belgium is manly active we the well­known soul band “Man on Fire and the Soul Soldiers” playing around the country in many events such “Féte de l’iris”, “1 May festival”, “Yo!Fest”, “Jazz Marathon” and many others. Beside a lot of jazz bands he also played with Kangling, Oghene Kologbo & the World Squad, Nestor Martin, Lorenzo Agnifili Big Band, and his brand new bands “Invisible” and “Elegant People”. He also collaborated in a theatrical events and musical reading.

Nicola Lancerotti – double bass

Born 18/08/1975 in Padova, Italy. In 1994 he enrolled in the Aerospace Department of the University of Pisa and became Engineer in 2003. Progressively introduced to the academic world of music by the hand of Master Nino Pellegrini, he started to learn jazz doublebass at the private school Scuola di Musica “G. Bonamici” in Pisa, in 2000. He simultaneously worked with school combos lead by Andrea Pellegrini with monographic project on Mingus, Monk and Parker. He took part into workshops for talented musicians with Italian doublebass players Paolino Dalla Porta (Pisa, 2000) and Furio Di Castri (Terni, 2001). He took part into a special 2­years course oriented to the “Piano trio language” with pianist Enio Corsaro and drummer Roberto Traverso. Masters Stefano Battaglia, Paolino Dalla Porta and Fabrizio Sferra taught the course. And as a result of their trio’s work over a year time, they were awarded the first prize First Pisa Jazz Contest in 2002. Later that year, he followed the prestigious SIENAJAZZ Summer Workshops. He increased his skills studying jazz doublebass with Master Pietro Leveratto, combo class and refined ear training with Master Pietro Tonolo and theory and analysis with Stefano Zenni. In 2003 he was granted a place for studies on jazz doublebass class at The Hague Conservatory, in the Netherlands. In 2004 he switched to Brussels Conservatory where he studied for two years with Bart De Nolf, Diederik Wissels, Jeroen Van Herzeele, among others.

His performances since 2002 have taken him to play in many jazz and non­jazz clubs in Europe (Italy, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Latvia) as well as in China and Taiwan with various bands, all of which were rich in sound diversity, techniques and repertoire; from the duo to the Big Band, from gipsy jazz to avant­ garde, including singer­songwriters of French (Brazùk), Arab (Jawhar Basti – winner Octaves de la musique 2014), African (Oghene Kologbo and World Squad), Italian (Giacomo Lariccia), English (Kirsty McGee) tradition or élite­pop (Silver Junkie).

Currently he’s leading his own group, a two saxes­bass­drums quartet with which he’s trying to meet the jazz tradition with the innovation of purely improvised music. As sideman he’s working with ZOLA quartet, KIND OF BLUE TRIBUTE (Bruno Castellucci, Gino Lattuca, Eve Beuvens, Michel Mainil and Thomas Champagne) and some less steady projects.

In 2013 he’s held a series of concerts in Taiwan with a special project with local
musicians and friends he met in Brussels Conservatoire: Hsieh Min­Yen, Chen Kuo Hua, Tseng Tseng Yi (Mike Tseng), Andrew Salim.

He plays regularly or has played with: Eve Beuvens, Jordi Grognard, Jean Paul Estievenart, Paolo Loveri, Bruno Castellucci, Tommaso Cappellato, Hsieh Min­Yen, Chen Kuohua, Andrew Salim, Mike Tseng, João Lobo, Phil Abraham, Jan De Haas, Vincent Bruyninckx, Alain Deval, Thomas Champagne, Augusto Pirodda, Daniele Martini, Nelide Bandello, Giovanni Di Domenico, Gino Lattuca, Didier Van Uytvanck, Mathieu Robert, Guillaume Vierset, Laurent Delchambre, Etienne Plumer, Marco Locurcio, Waso De Cauter, Koen De Cauter, Myrddin De Cauter, Tom Callens, Lionel Beuvens, Fred Delplancq, Fred Becker, Els Vandeweyer, Michail Griener, Robert Menzel, Toon Van Dionant.

Klaus Bru – C-saxophones, electronics

German-born saxophonist Klaus Bru plays the rare C-melody sax and the even rarer C-soprano sax exclusively. He has traveled widely, for real and in music. His artistic output is characterised by its variety, and musical concepts that are not exactly the “out-of-the-box” type. Instead, Klaus Bru prefers to use combinations of “boxes” that differ in size, contrast in contents, and clash in colour: He brings in folk music from Eastern Europe, Turkey, and China, avant-garde ridden improv, cold blooded electronic noises and feedbacks, sounds of breath and saliva, pitches smaller than the distance between two keys on the piano, strange meters and odd tempos, plus – when the time is right – singable melodies that move the heart and soul.

Klaus Bru was born near Lake Constance in Southern Germany. He got drilled as a jazz saxophonist at the Music University in Graz, Austria, graduating with distinction. His teachers included Adelhard Roidinger, David Liebman, Kenny Wheeler. During the first half of the 1990s Klaus Bru lived in Vienna where he worked with the protagonists of the Austrian Jazz scene of the day, ran the successful avant-garde duo “2 Face 2” with keyboardist Martin Stepanik, and played with international artists such as Marc Ribot, Sunny Murray, Anthony Coleman, Jojo Mayer, and David Friesen.

In 1996 Klaus Bru relocated to Berlin, focusing on sound art and electronic music. He produced the acclaimed interactive sound/media/live music installation “Tiefenrausch”, worked with sound artists and film makers, and published a CD of electronica, “Bru: Collective Items”. With Oliver Doerell of Dictaphone/Swod he composed the music for the dance piece “The Lefthanded Man”, which was invited to a dance festival at Taipei’s Novel Hall in 2001.

In 2002, Klaus Bru moved to Taiwan, and started to work as a culture manager for the Goethe Institute Taiwan, and later as the international promoter for the Chinese music ensemble Chai Found Music Workshop. He became infused with the sound of traditional Chinese instruments, and developed a thorough interest in indigenous music from around the world. In 2010, while in San Francisco, he discovered an antique C-Melody Sax in a pawn shop. Since then, Klaus Bru performs exclusicely on C-saxophones, which he often electrifies.

While in Taiwan, Klaus Bru composed film and theater scores, and played with the major exponents of the local jazz and improvisation scene. In 2010, he set up the Folk Rock Jazz trio “I Have A New Band Now” which has toured in China, Taiwan, Austria, and Italy. Together with pianist Shih-Yang Lee he leads the world music improvisation group Ka Dao Yin (엥돕稜), which recorded two award-winning CDs: “Four Characters” won the Taiwan Golden Indie Music Award in 2012, and “Slow” the Taiwan Golden Melody Award (Taiwan Grammy) 2014.

In 2013/14 Klaus Bru stayed in Beijing, China, where he performed with “Orlop”, the noise duo of Americans Stephen Roach, and Adam MacGregor, and with musicians associated with the experimental Beijing Experimental and Underground scene, like Jianhong Li, Aming Liang, and Daiguo Li, Yan Jun, and others.

Since 2014, Klaus Bru lives in London. So far, he has performed with musicians like Cleveland Watkiss, Orphy Robinson, Terry Day, Beibei Wang, Pat Thomas, Kate Shortt, and groups as diverse as White Flower, Formation, or the London Improvisers Orchestra. He also leads his own projects, mostly in the domain of Free Improvisation.

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