BEME 4: Cross Fades

By , 2015年 9月 6日


Beijing-based record label Sinotronics presents the fourth annual Beijing Electronic Music Encounter (BEME), China’s most progressive annual showcase of electronic sounds. BEME 4 hosts more than 20 individual artists over three nights, in three venues, with three distinct modes of experience.

BEME 4 is a unique, curated cross-section of producers, DJs, and avant-garde electronic music composers and improvisers. The theme of BEME 4 is CROSS FADES: jump cuts, bold transitions, dynamic pivots, fresh moves from old hands. Cross out the known, fade in the new.

As with previous editions, BEME 4 is a statement for the radical rethinking of what can be defined as “electronic music” in 2015 Beijing, spotlighting convergences and creating collisions at the fringes of what has become a highly evolved, rapidly monetized, repeatedly contested creative space.

BEME 4 coincides with the latest release from Sinotronics: a debut EP for post-’90s Beijing producer MENGHAN. It also showcases new material from old hands on the Beijing scene:

  • SHAO: the new moniker of Beijing avant-electro pioneer Dead J, who will come fresh off an extensive Europe tour for the release of his Doppler Shift Pt. 1 EP for Berlin’s Tresor Records. This is a milestone for the recognition of Chinese producers by international tastemakers, and BEME 4 will mark the official China release of this deep, dark, wonderful new slab of vinyl (SAT 10.24 @ Modernsky Lab)
  • EARSNAIL: the new 4/4 live electronic duo of White+/Gar drummer Wang Xu and Da Bang guitarist Yan Shuai (THU 10.22 @ Dada)
  • The international guest of honor at BEME 4 is BOB OSTERTAG, an early pioneer of American avant-garde electronic music with a career spanning 40 years. Electronic instruments of Bob’s design are at the cutting edge of both music and video performance technology. His radically diverse collaborators include the Kronos Quartet, John Zorn, alt-metal icon Mike Patton, jazz great Anthony Braxton, and many more.

    Bob’s currently on a one-year sabbatical from his position as Professor of Technocultural Studies and Music at the University of California, Davis, taking this time off to tour the world. For BEME 4, he’ll give two distinct performances: a solo show in the intimate environment of the fRUITYSHOP vinyl store (FRI 10.23), and a collaborative improvised performance with Soviet Pop and Vavabond at Modernsky Lab (SAT 10.23).



    As ever, BEME aims to inject Beijing’s #1 underground electronic music club, Dada, with an alternative program, bringing experimental live acts from outside the dancefloor circuit together with some of Beijing’s most progressive and forward-looking producers. BEME 4 kicks off with the debut of Earsnail, a new live 4/4 electronic music duo from two indie rock scene icons: Wang Xu (drummer of White+/The Gar) and Yan Shuai (guitarist of Da Bang). Their opening slot is followed up by live sets from GOOOOOSE (aka Han Han, leader of Shanghai future-rock quartet Duck Fight Goose) and Sinotronics label-riders Menghan and FAR/∞. From there we dive into the late-late slot with sets from two Beijing club veterans: XLF and Elvis.T.

    Doors: 9pm
    Ticket: 40rmb
    Earsnail (Wang Xu of White+/Yan Shuai of Da Bang – live)
    GOOOOOSE (Han Han of Duck Fight Goose – live)
    Menghan (live)
    FAR/∞ (live)
    XLF (DJ)
    Elvis.T (DJ)


    BEME 4 pivots on Friday night, hosting an intimate evening of contemplative, abstract electronic experimentation at the fRUITYSHOP vinyl store in Dongsi Tou Tiao. Guest of honor Bob Ostertag presents one of his best known works, Sooner or Later. The entire piece is composed from a recording of a young boy burying his father in El Salvador that Bob made in the 1980s. Renowned German newspaper Die Zeit describes it as “a musical reality, in which sampling technology is used in a significant way for the first time. The music encircles reality, decomposes it into music and recomposes it until reality is no longer able to escape. It is this clarity that makes Sooner or Later great music, a music that has something to do with life again.”

    Ostertag’s Sooner or Later is complemented by live sets from Bwave label founder Hong Qile + VJ Mao Wengweng and from Liquid Palace, an electronic noise band including experimental musician and filmmaker Silvernuz and synthesizer builder Meng Qi (both professors at CAFA, China’s most prestigious art university).

    and from .

    Doors: 8pm
    Ticket: 40rmb
    Bob Ostertag: Sooner or Later
    Liquid Palace
    Hong Qile + VJ Mao Wengweng

    SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24 @ Modernsky Lab (map)

    The finale of BEME 4 happens over two sessions at one of Beijing’s newest live music venues, Modernsky Lab. The early session (8-11pm) features Bob Ostertag again, this time improvising on two samplers along with modular synth + cassette deck duo Soviet Pop and laptop synthesist Vavabond. The early session also features new work from Changchun-based software musician JFI, fRUITYSHOP proprietor and old-hand Beijing abstract electronic music composer Me:mo, and the improvisational field recording + modular synth + samples trio, Alpine Decine + Charm.

    Things snap into a harder 4/4 and a more pulse-racing BPM after 11, when the late session takes over in Modernsky Lab’s marquee performance space. The headlining set of BEME 4’s finale comes from SHAO (formerly Dead J). SHAO hits BEME just days after wrapping an extensive Europe tour for the release of his Doppler Shift Pt. 1 EP for Berlin’s world-renowned underground techno label, Tresor Records. This is a milestone release, for both SHAO and the Chinese underground as a whole. BEME 4 will mark the China debut of this deep, dark, wonderful new slab of vinyl.

    SHAO will be preceded by equally dynamic live sets from deft hands, old and new: Nara, a decade-plus veteran of the Chinese electronic music scene, drawing from her 2015 D Force Records release Pillow; and Menghan, a post-’90s newcomer who’ll perform brand new material for her debut EP, released by Sinotronics at BEME 4.

    After SHAO’s live set, Sinotronics cohorts MMS and Menghan close it out with Beijing’s deepest club tunes until the final drop-out…

    Early session: 8-11pm
    Late session: 11pm-end
    Ticket: 100rmb

    Early session (8-11pm):
    Bob Ostertag + Soviet Pop + Vavabond (live improv)
    Alpine Decline + Charm (live improv)
    JFI (live)
    me:mo (live)

    Late session (11pm-end):
    SHAO (live)
    Nara (live)
    Menghan (live/DJ)
    MMS (DJ)

    Sinotronics呈献:第四届 北京电子乐偶遇(BEME 4)

    2015年 十月 22/23/24 日

    基于北京的电子音乐厂牌 Sinotronics 呈现第四届北京电子乐偶遇(BEME),中国最先锋的集合展现电子声音的年度活动。BEME 4 带来20多位艺术家,3个晚上,3个场地,展开3种不同模式的体验。

    BEME 4 是独一无二的,它的策划集合了电子音乐制作人,DJ,实验作曲家,以及即兴音乐人,并呈现其交叉的横截面。BEME 4 的主题是CROSS FADES 交错淡出:跳跃剪辑,大胆过度,动态转动,老手新招。划去已知的,慢慢淡出进入新事物。

    一如往届,BEME 4 是在2015年的北京,对于如何定义“电子音乐”这一激进反思所作出的声明,在高速发展、迅速货币化、竞争激烈的创意空间前沿,聚焦交汇集合,创造碰撞。

    BEME4 与最新的Sinotronics发行相对接:来自90后北京制作人MENGHAN的首张专辑。在三晚演出中,BEME4也将展示来自北京场景老将们的新花样:

    • SHAO:北京前卫电子先锋Dead J的新名字。届时他将刚刚完成大范围的欧洲巡演,为其在知名柏林厂牌Tresor Records 下发行的EP《Doppler Shift Pt. 1》。这是中国音乐制作人受到国际认可的里程碑,而BEME 4将启动这张深邃、黑暗、妙幻的黑胶的正式国内发行(10月24日,周六@Modernsky Lab)

    • EARSNAIL 耳蜗,White+/嘎调的鼓手 王旭 与 大棒的吉他手 阎帅 的新4/4电子双人组(10月22日,周四@DADA)

    BEME4 的特别国际嘉宾是BOB OSTERTAG,Bob是一位来自美国的前卫实验音乐先锋,其音乐生涯已超四十载。Bob设计的电子乐器被运用于音乐与视频两者的演出技术前沿。他范围极广的合作对象们包括 Kronos Quartet 克罗那斯四重奏,John Zorn,另类金属偶像 Mike Patton,杰出的爵士艺术家 Anthony Braxton 以及更多更多。

    目前Bob正在进行为期一年的学术休假,他在加州大学Davis分校作为教授任教技术文化及音乐研究。这一年里他将在全球范围内巡演。而在BEME4上,他将带来两组独特的演出:一场个人solo演出,在fRUITYSHOP 唱片店私密的空间里进行(10月23日周五),以及在Modernsky Lab带来一组与 Soviet Pop 苏维埃波普 和 Vavabond 的即兴合作演出(10月23日周六)。

    BEME 4 -完整日程


    一如往日,BEME打算给北京第一地下电子音乐场地DADA注射一剂另类程序,把游离在舞池之外的实验现场表演者与一些北京最先锋的制作人们带到一起。BEME4以 Earsnail 耳蜗 的首秀开场,由独立摇滚场景的两位偶像带来的新4/4电子双人组:王旭(White+,嘎调 鼓手)与 阎帅(大棒 吉他手)。紧接着他们开场之后的是一系列现场演出live sets,由以下艺人呈献:GOOOOOSE(韩涵,上海future-rock乐队 鸭打鹅 Duck Fight Goose 带头人),Sinotronics 厂牌旗下的 Menghan 和 FAR/∞。之后将由北京夜场的两位老将 XLF 和 Elvis T 带我们潜入深夜。


    EARSNAIL 耳蜗(White+/嘎调 王旭 + 大棒 阎帅 – 现场 live)
    GOOOOOSE(鸭打鹅 Duck Fight Goose 韩涵, – 现场 live)
    Menghan (现场 live)
    FAR/∞ (现场 live)
    XLF (DJ)
    Elvis.T (DJ)

    10月23日,周五@fRUITYSHOP 唱片店

    BEME4 转至周五夜,在东四头条的fRUITYSHOP唱片店主持更为亲密的一晚,献给你深沉抽象的电子实验。特别嘉宾Bob Ostertag将表演他最为人知的作品之一,Sooner or Later。整部作品取材于Bob于1980年代在萨尔瓦多记录一个年轻男孩埋葬自己父亲的实地录音。

    当晚加入Bob Ostertag演出行列的是液体宫殿 Liquid Palace(电子噪音乐队,成员包括实验音乐人,影像艺术家,中央美院教师Silvernuz与合成器发明家、中央美院教师 孟奇 Meng Qi),以及 Bwave 厂牌创始人洪启乐 + VJ 毛嗡嗡。


    Bob Ostertag: Sooner or Later
    液体宫殿 Liquid Palace
    洪启乐 + VJ 毛嗡嗡

    10月24日,周六@Modernsky Lab

    BEME4的最后一幕由两个部分组成,在北京最新的现场音乐场地之一举行,Modernsky Lab。

    早场(8点-11点)我们请回Bob Ostertag,这一次他将用两个采样器,与模块合成器+磁带录音机双人组 苏维埃波普 Soviet Pop 和电脑合成器音乐人 Vavabond 一起即兴演出。早场还将有居住在长春的软件音乐人 JFI 带来最新作品,fRUITYSHOP唱片店老板、老牌北京抽象电子音乐作曲人 Me:mo,以及实地录音+合成器三人组 Alpine Decline+Charm。

    11点后的夜场将伴随着更重的4/4拍和更让你加速脉搏的BPM,夜场演出将在Modernsky Lab的主要演出空间进行。BEME 4终篇的主角将是来自SHAO(曾用名 Dead J)的 live set。届时SHAO将刚刚完成大范围的欧洲巡演,为其在大名鼎鼎的柏林地下Techno厂牌Tresor Records旗下发行的新EP 《Doppler Shift Pt. 1》。这是中国音乐制作人受到国际认可的里程碑,而BEME 4将标志着这张深邃、黑暗、妙幻的黑胶的正式国内首秀。

    在SHAO之前将是一组组同样充满律动的live sets,来自以下新手老手:Nara,国内电子音乐场景中活跃了十多年的老将,此次表演作品取材于2015年在大福唱片旗下发行的专辑《Pillow》;Menghan,90后新人,她将带来个人首张EP中的曲目,Sinotronics也将在BEME4上发行该EP。

    SHAO的live set之后,Sinotronics 厂牌同伙MMS 与 Menghan 将以北京最深的club调调收尾,直到最后一拍……


    Bob Ostertag + 苏维埃波普 Soviet Pop + Vavabond (现场即兴)
    Alpine Decline + Charm(现场即兴)
    JFI (现场 live)
    me:mo (现场 live)

    SHAO (现场 live)
    Nara (现场 live)
    Menghan (现场 live/DJ)
    MMS (DJ)

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