Birdstriking In the Studio 正式录制首张专辑

By , 2011年 1月 27日

Birdstriking乐队成员分别是何凡(主唱/吉他),周乃仁(贝司)和王欣九(鼓)。乐队平均年龄不超过21岁,除了贝司手目前正开始实习工作,其他两位成员都还没有结束他们的大学课程。在过去的一年里,Birdstriking应该是在D-22演出频率比较多的一支乐队,同时他们也参于‘旁边儿’在What Bar举办的几次演出活动。

Birdstriking‘s average age is below 21. Bassist Zhou Nairen has just begun an internship while vocalist/guitarist He Fan and drummer Wang Xinjiu are still in college. However, in the past year, Birdstriking has been busy with their extracurricular project at D-22 and other venues, including several shows at What Bar organized by pangbianr.

在上周,Birdstriking进入工作室正式录制了他们的首张专辑,之前乐队自己就录制过一张含有六首曲目的Demo. 可以在乐队的豆瓣页面进行收听。这次录制工作是由乐队P.K.14主唱杨海松负责,所有乐器部分进行了同期录音的方式,人声在最后录制完成。

Last week, Birdstriking went to the studio to record their debut album. (They recorded a six-track demo themselves late last year, which you can stream on their douban page). The album was recorded by Yang Haisong, lead singer of P.K. 14. Haisong recorded all of the instruments together, then followed up with some backup vocals by He Fan.

首张专辑暂时还没有命名,乐队跟我们说这张专辑一共有十一首曲目,来自吹万乐队成员闫玉龙也有参于其中一首歌曲的小提琴演奏。除了Birdstriking招牌式的咆哮撕喊唱腔,乐队更是重新录制了不同以往风格的曲目 ’No Rock N’ Roll’,而且录音室版本的人声肯定会比现场更佳令人期待。


The new album hasn’t yet been named, but the band told us that it will include 11 songs. One of the songs will feature Chuiwan frontman Yan Yulong on violin. In addition to Birdstriking’s trademarked shouting vocals, He Fan is expanding his style in different directions, such as on the new track “No Rock N’ Roll”.

Birdstriking plans to release the album in September 2011 on Maybe Mars.

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