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By , 2017年 11月 4日

Chic-a-Go-Go, the “dance show for kids of all ages” that first aired on a public-access TV station in Chicago in 1996, is visiting China for a trio of shows next weekend! On Friday, November 10 they’re at School Bar in Beijing, where their hungry cameras will catch live sets from SUBS, Gum Bleed and The Sino Hearts. Then they head south to witness Round Eye, Dirty Fingers, Ugly Girls, and Torturing Nurse (whoa!) at Yuyintang on Saturday, November 11, and a few more bands the following night at Neo Bar.

Find a full, bilingual intro to Chic-a-Go-Go under the flyer, but not before enjoying this recent release from Shanghai’s Ugly Girls, one of my favorites to come out of China this year:

Chic-A-Go-Go, the legendary Chicago Rock and Roll TV show is coming to China for its first China Special which will feature, interview and dance with some of the strongest acts of the Beijing and Shanghai underground. Since its 1996 debut, CHIC-A-GO-GO has been one of the most original and entertaining shows on Chicago television. Drawing from legendary dance programs like Soul Train and American Bandstand, as well as Chicago’s own 1960s shows Kiddie-A-Go-Go and Red Hot and Blues, CHIC-A-GO-GO combines classic TV entertainment with an original, quirky style. And unlike its dance show ancestors, CHIC-A-GO-GO takes advantage of its non-commercial home on the Chicago Access Network to create a diverse TV world that does not have to focus on a single demographic. People of all ages, colors, and backgrounds, linked by their love of music, dance together in harmony on the CHIC-A-GO-GO set. The dancers, who range in age from newborns to youthful seniors, move to the latest Hip Hop music, as well as classic R&B, Rock & Roll, Punk, Funk, and all points in between.

芝加哥传奇摇滚电视节目Chic-a-go-go将来华录制它在中国的第一期特别节目,专题采访一些北京和上海最优秀的地下乐队并共同狂欢。自1996年首秀以来,CHIC-A-Go-Go一直是芝加哥最富原创性和娱乐性的节目。它从Soul Train,American Bandstand等舞蹈节目和芝加哥1960年代的Kiddie-A-Go-GO,Red Hot and Blues中汲取灵感,将传统电视的娱乐性与独特的原创风格相结合。不同于此前的舞蹈节目,CHIC-A-Go-Go依托Chicago Access Network的非商业性平台营造了一个多元化的荧屏世界,而非仅仅聚焦于个别人群。不同年龄,肤色和背景的人们本着对音乐的热爱,在CHIC-A-Go-Go的舞台上和谐共舞。舞者中既有初来乍到的新人,也有活力不减的老手;音乐既囊括最新的嘻哈,也有传统的R&B,摇滚,朋克,疯克,和你能想到的所有音乐类型。

CHIC-A-GO-GO also demonstrates its diversity through a wide range of musical guests. R&B and Jazz greats from the 1950s and 1960s, like Andre Williams, Milt Trenier, The El Dorados and Oscar Brown, Jr., share the stage with punk acts from the 80s, 90s and 00s like Plain White Ts, The Mentally Ill and Pansy Division. Rock & Roll acts from the 1970s like Red Krayola and The Cramps appear with today’s Country stars like Neko Case and Alejandro Escovedo. Other guests include The Pharaohs, Bobby Conn, The Specials, Question Mark and the Mysterians, The Standells, The Shirelles, Poi Dog Pondering, and L’il Wally the Polka King. International guests have included The Kaisers from Scotland, The Pretty Things from England, and from Japan CHIC-A-GO-GO has had an army of guests, including Mainliner, Shonen Knife, the 5-6-7-8s and Guitar Wolf.

CHIC-A-Go-Go的多样性从许许多多风格各异的嘉宾中可见一斑。这个舞台上既有20世纪50-60年代的R&B大师如Andre Williams, Milt Trenier, The El Dorados,Oscar Brown, Jr,也有80年至新千年的朋克音乐人如 Plain White Ts, The Mentally Ill和Pansy Division;在这儿你可以看到70年代的摇滚乐手Red Krayola,The Cramps和今日乡村音乐之星Neko Case,Alejandro Escovedo同台表演;另外你还能见到The Pharaohs, Bobby Conn, The Specials, Question Mark,the Mysterians, The Standells, The Shirelles, Poi Dog Pondering, 以及L’il Wally the Polka King。除此之外,还有来自世界各地的嘉宾:诸如苏格兰的Kaisers,英格兰的The Pretty Things,以及来自日本的一众明星包括Mainliner, Shonen Knife, the 5-6-7-8s 和Guitar Wolf.

One of the most popular shows on Chicago Access, CHIC-A-GO-GO has been presenting music and dance programming to children of all ages for over 600 episodes. The show has been profiled in the Chicago Reader, MOJO, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times and numerous other music publications. In addition, it has been featured on MTV, MTV-Europe, the Australian youth television show Recovery and a special live dance show was shot from Bozo’s original studio for an episode of WGN Morning News. CHIC-A-GO-GO hosts, Miss Mia and Ratso, have been guests on WGN Radio, WNUR Radio and have emceed numerous festivals, Millennium Park events and charity concerts. The producers, Jake Austen and Jacqueline Stewart, have represented the show on panels at the CMJ music festival in New York City and the Pitchfork and Lollopalooza festivals in Chicago. The producers were also featured in prominent public service announcements for the Chicago Access Network, and were selected by the Mayor’s Office of Special Events to present a special version of CHIC-A-GO-GO as part of the city’s Dance ’til the Dawn of The New Millennium project on December 31, 1999.

CHIC-A-GO-GO是芝加哥节目专栏(Chicago Access)最热门的节目之一,业已为全年龄段的观众放送了超过600集的歌舞节目;也曾被《芝加哥读者》,《Mojo》,《芝加哥论坛报》,《芝加哥太阳报》和不计其数的音乐出版物报道。此外,MTV,MTV-Europe和澳大利亚青年电视秀Recovery都曾为它制作特别节目。另一期为WGN早间新闻直播的特别舞蹈节目在Bozo的原创工作室录制。CHIC-A-GO-GO的主持人Miss Mia和Ratso是WGN Radio, WNUR Radio的座上宾,主持过无数音乐节,芝加哥千禧公园的活动和慈善音乐会。制片人Jake Austen和Jacqueline Stewart将这档节目在纽约的CMJ音乐节和芝加哥的Pitchfork以及Lollopalooza音乐节上播出。Chicago Access Network公共服务版块的显要位置有对其二人的专访,他们还曾被特别活动市长办公室选中在1999年12月31日制作一期特别版的CHIC-A-GO-GO以作为芝加哥“舞至新千年破晓”活动的一部分。

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