Country Fair 集市 2 @ Studio X, 27 November 2010

By , 2010年 11月 20日

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Come to Studio X (see map) on Saturday, 27 November for an autumnal follow-up to the first Country Fair event. A collection of Beijing-based organic farmers and food-aware citizens will gather for a second discussion focusing on distribution networks of organic produce throughout the city. Pangbianr will be in the mix offering seasonal sweet potato falafel from our recipe zine along with some cartographic input.

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Organizer Emi Uemura explains:


Country Fair is an ongoing educational event of food and urban agriculture. It contains 2 parts: farmers market and series of small projects, lectures and workshops. Farmers market is developed out of necessity in direct communication and exchange between the natural / organic farmers and consumers in Beijing. Still there is a big gap between the farmers and consumers; some producers have excess organic products while some consumers do not know where and how to start a natural way of eating. Country Fair as a platform, farmers and consumers create networks and most importantly sharing experience inside the city. This is the beginning to gain awareness of our eating habit, our choices and actions as responsible urban consumers, also we believe this will benefit and encourage local farmers for their future practice. As educational purpose of this event, we organize small talks, presentation, performance and workshop.


This time Country Fair is based in Studio-X (Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation) to collaborate with the idea of farming and awareness of urban space, focusing on how local food comes into the city. In this meeting, we will develop a map of deliveries to better understand routes, possible overlapping zones and environmental concerns, and simply to see how food is distributed.


Country Fair has been developed through the project Mobile Garden by Emi Uemura and Vitamin Creative Space in Beijing.”


小毛驴市民农园, 芳嘉园, 圣林农庄, 德润屋生态环境科技中心,国仁绿色联盟, 大自然, 瀚海沙, 茶艺展示, 手土义坊, Lily Hsieh (堆肥), 若兰 (素食料理), Jordan Maseng (旁边儿)

Little Donkey Farm, Farmer Duan, Sunlin Farm, De Run Wo, Natural Love, 国仁绿色联盟, 瀚海沙, 手土义坊、 Organic Tea, Lily Hsieh (urban compost), Laura (Vegan Food), Jordan Maseng (Hegel’s Bagles, Pangbianr) and more.

Michael Eddy(艺术家,维他命创意空间)
Josh Feola(旁边儿创始人)
若兰 (素食料理)
阮思蓓(Studio-X Beijing经理)
蒲鸿(Studio-X Beijing经理)

/// Country Fair Organizers ///
Emi Uemura (Artist, practicing farming)
Michael Eddy (Artist, Vitamin Creative Space)
Elaine W Ho (Artist, Homeshop)
Shi Yan (PhD Candidate in Renmin University, Little Donkey Farm)
Josh Feola (Distributor, Pangbianr)
Caroline Merrifield (Fullbright Scholar in Agriculture)
Laura (Vegan Chef)
Liu Li Shan (Waldorf Educator, practicing farming)

Studio X map:

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