Lazy Camels, 24 Hours, Rustic, King Khan & BBQ Show
@D22, 12 June 2010

By , 2010年 6月 16日

Beijing had been threatening to rain for the whole week and it sort of delivered. I was on the fence with this show because of the Dragon Boat Festival converting my weekend into work days but I slogged my way to D22 nonetheless. Was really out of it but the first band, Lazy Camels, pulled me back in. I’ve seen their name around a lot but this was my first time seeing them and I was impressed. Two guitars that play well off each other, a bit discordant at times, rather minimal drumming and a lot of unexpected tempo/rhythm changes. They’ll be putting up some new recordings on their Douban page in a few weeks.

I was taking a breather during most of 24 Hours’ set so all I really heard was their drummer, who is very powerful. After them was the world-renowned Rustic, who were originally on the line-up then cast into some kind of possibly invented drama about not wanting to ruin their voices before an upcoming CCTV performance. Luckily they worked it out and I was glad to get to see them. They were much more punky than I had expected. They covered Paranoid by Sabbath, which might have been the high point of the show for me. Was going to link to a youku video of Paranoid here but all they have are KTV videos so I’d rather just embed it:

Last was King Khan & BBQ. They had trouble getting over the shock, both of D22’s conductive mics and the relative indifference with which their pushing-40 prima donna punx schtick was met by 孟小岩, D22’s sound guy, who was pretty unfairly dumped on throughout their set. Two highlights: Zombies dedicated to Jay Reatard (“We’ve known him since he was 17. He was supposed to come here but… he fucked up”) and a Johnny Thunders cover that prompted an overenthusiastic Chinese fan to somehow short-circuit the guitar and cause a small delay. Maybe it was this pause that prompted Khan and ‘Q to shortchange us. The sultan came up front for a last song with an octopus turban on and masturbated the tentacles as if to say, “You paid 60元 for this?”

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