4/27: Li Daiguo 7″ Release @ Zajia

By , 2013年 4月 7日

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We’re happy to help our favorite (and the only) Beijing vinyl label Genjing celebrate the release of their latest 7″ slab, which happens to be by Li Daiguo, one of the best improv/experimental folk players in the country. Daiguo is a consummate multi-instrumentalist whose repertoire is constantly expanding. In the last few years he’s added throat singing, beat boxing, and wailing on a contact mic’d kalimba to his arsenal.

His performances also defy easy genre classification. Depending on the context he can play classical Western, traditional Chinese, ethnic folk, electronic, ambient, hip-hop (though eschewing language in any traditional sense), and any other kind of “experimental” or “avant-garde” label you might think up while he does his thing. Sometimes all in a single set.

To that end we’ve organized an eclectic line-up of fellow players to join Daiguo in informal collaborations and improvised ensembles. thruoutin does a more stripped down version of his pipa-based electronica. He and Daiguo recently recorded an improvised jam that will come out later this year on Jingweir. Quan Xin and Sheng Di, two of Beijing’s most protean improvisers, will play two or more of the following things: guitar, keyboard, ipad, kalimba, microphone, harmonica, the floor (via contact mic). Or maybe something entirely new. Yi singer-songwriter Mosi will join as a special guest, adding his minimalistic and dramatic folk guitar to the mix.

Saturday, April 27th. Zajia Lab (map here). 9pm start. FREE entry. But buy the 7″, please. And buy a drink or two (or more). Zajia is paying artists from the bar and we all need to make rent.

旁边儿帮北京最好的DIY黑胶厂牌根茎首发新专辑。是李带果最近在四川成都录音的歌,主题是 “广播音乐”。


thruoutin: 会演比较实验/即兴的琵琶+笔记本计划。他去年跟带果合作录音一张专辑,’京味儿’厂牌好像要年底发行。

权欣: 以前chaos乐队的吉他手,现在在新四人组信马游缰再玩儿吉他,他个人的演出很千变万化。

盛迪: 也是千变万化的一个实验音乐家,有时玩儿采样机,有时笔记本,有时口琴,等。。



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