2018.4.17: Davaajargal Tsaschikher + Tsogt Sambalkhundev (Ulaanbaatar) @ fRUITYSPACE

By , 2018年 4月 15日

pangbianr presents a special showcase for Davaajargal Tsaschikher and Tsogt Sambalkhundev, two underground musicians from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. They both play guitar in Mohanik, one of Mongolia’s best established rock bands, where they blend traditional sounds with heavy psychedelic overdrive and powerful vocal delivery. Tsaschikher is also an accomplished sound artist, and had his work featured in the Mongolia Pavilion of the 2017 Venice Biennale.

mohanik fruity

On Tuesday, April 17 Tsaschikher & Sambalkhundev will both perform solo sets at fRUITYSPACE, and will be joined by two of Beijing’s most accomplished underground improvisers, Li Jianhong and Yan Yulong.

9pm start, 40rmb

13 Meishuguan Dong Jie

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