Radio Update: December 2010 Zoomin’ Nights

By , 2011年 2月 25日

New on pangbianr radio: December 2010 saw a lot of good Tuesdays at D-22. Hot & Cold came back to Beijing for winter break, Xiao Long began rehearsing a violin / keyboard / electronics trio with Shouwang and Liu Xinyu, and Carsick Cars played a few secret shows before the official debut of their new lineup on New Year’s Eve.

2010年12月有幸看了好几场星期二在D-22的演出。冷热乐队回北京了,小龙跟张守望和刘心宇一起排练了,新的Carsick Cars在正式公开演出之前也做了几场秘密表演。

Stream some live recordings from the December Zooms. You can also download some Liu Xinyu recordings on the HomeShop deaddrop.


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