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By , 2011年 9月 9日


Invasionen, the new project by o.g. Swedish punker Dennis Lyxzén of Refused and The (International) Noise Conspiracy fame, is coming to these shores for a September China tour. Dennis has more China experience than most international musicians, having come for the first time in 1999 with IHC and since returning on numerous occasions. His younger brother, Jonas, is also an established China hand who drums for the Beijing hardcore band Fanzui Xiangfa.

You can find a bunch of Invasionen songs and videos for free streaming on their douban page, which also includes a full list of tour dates. For the “local” readers, Invasionen is playing in Beijing on Thursday 22 September @ Yugong Yishan. Tickets are 100元 at the door, 70 pre-sale.

Below read Dennis’ reflections on his previous experiences in China and his expectations for the upcoming Invasionen tour, organized via Yang Haisong‘s new Walk the Line imprint:

pangbianr: You have been to China several times before with your previous band the (International) Noise Conspiracy. In fact I’ve read reports that on your first visit to China your shows were “attended” by armed police waiting outside the venue. Can you talk about your previous experiences playing in China?

Dennis Lyxzén: The first time we went to China in 1999 it was a totally different thing. It was so underground and so crazy and weird. Bands hadn’t really heard that much music and all the venues were small and the crowd was super diverse. It was more an adventure than a tour. Since then I’ve been back 3 times. 2 for touring and 1 for vacation. You can tell that the Chinese are catching on and the scene has changed radically just in 10 years. Last time we came over with INC 3 years ago we ended up not playing cause the security council decided that no foreign bands were allowed to perform during the celebration of the Republic. So me and Inge (the INC bassplayer) just ended up travelling to the shows and hanging out. It was nice but kinda strange.

pbr: Your brother, Jonas, has lived in China on and off for many years and plays drums in the Beijing hardcore band Fanzui Xiangfa. How have his experiences shaped your interest in performing in China?

DL: Yes of course. He actually toured China. Been to plenty of cities that I never heard about. I have mainly played the “big” cities like Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hong Kong. So I am really looking forward to seeing some new cities and scenes this time around. However I feel a bit to old to do the whole backpacker touring..haha

pbr: What are your expectations coming to China this time around?

DL: I don’t know really. It is strange to come over with a new band and sing in Swedish. But I am hoping for good times, good people and good food!

pbr: The 2011 Invasionen China tour was in large part organized by Yang Haisong of P.K.14 through his new label project Walk the Line. What is your working relationship with Yang Haisong? Can you talk a bit about your partnership and what you think it may yield in the future, both for Invasionen and other international bands interested in coming to China?

DL: I’ve known Yang haisong for a really long time through PK-14 and the other trips to china. He offered to help us set up a tour and to release our record and we of course said yes. He also helped us to do the INC Armed Love record in China. I think that it will be a great experience and hopefully we will work together on many projects.

Invasionen is playing in Beijing on Thursday 9/22 @ Yugong Yishan. Tickets are 100元 at the door, 70 pre-sale. Find other China dates in the flyer below:

Invasionen是瑞典摇滚朋克音乐人Dennis Lyxzén新乐队计划,之前他分别组建过Refused以及曾多次在中国表演的国际噪音阴谋乐队the (International) Noise Conspiracy。这一次他的新乐队将于九月进行中国巡演。Dennis在中国确实比很多国际乐队/音乐人更有经验,99年他第一次就与INC乐队来到中国。另外他的弟弟Jonas也是北京乐队犯罪想法的鼓手。


通过下边的采访了解更多Dennis 之前在中国的巡演经历以及他的新乐队Invasionen。这次巡演是由杨海松的新厂牌Walk the Line组织策划的。

旁边儿: 你曾经与之前的国际噪音阴谋乐队(INC)来过中国好几次。事实上我也看过你第一次在中国演出的报道,当时有警卫在外边“驻守”场地。可以说说这些经历吗?

Dennis Lyxzén: 1999年我们第一次来中国,真的完全是与众不同的,非常的地下、疯狂且不可思议。乐队并没有听太多音乐,所有的演出场地都非常小并且观众极其不同。这比巡回演出还要更冒险,自从那以后我也有来过中国三次,其中有两次是巡演,另外一次是来度假。而且可以看到中国整个环境在这十年里有着根本的变化,我们上一次是在三年前,与当时的INC乐队一起来演出,但是我们最终并没有表演,因为在共和国庆祝期间安理会决定不允许国外的乐队表演。所以我和INC乐队的贝司手Inge最后只是有一个不错的旅行,但是有点点奇怪。

旁边儿: 你弟弟Jonas断断续续地在中国有一些年了,同时也是北京硬核乐队犯罪想法的鼓手。他在中国的体验有促使你在中国演出吗?

DL: 当然是的,他事实上去过中国很多地方,许多城市我从来都没有听说过。我以前只是在一些较大的城市演出过,像北京,广州,上海和香港。这一次我想真正的去感受一下中国其他的城市场景。不过我觉得就现在我这把年纪进行背包旅行的确有点过了,哈哈。

旁边儿: 那这一次来中国还有什么期待吗?

DL: 我也不知道,感觉有一点奇怪,这是我的一支新乐队,并且用瑞典语唱。但我希望一切都会很尽兴的,有不错的伙伴以及可口的食物。

旁边儿: 你的新乐队Invasionen这次中国巡演大部分是由P.K.14乐队杨海松新的厂牌Walk the Line策划。可以说说你们之间的合作吗?

DL: 在很早以前通过P.K.14乐队我就认识了他,当时他给我们组织了在中国的巡演及发行了我们的专辑,当然我们也非常乐意。同时也帮助我们在中国录制了国际噪音阴谋乐队的专辑 Armed Love。 我认为那是一个非常不错的经历,希望在往后我们会有更多方面的合作。

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