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By , 2016年 8月 6日

Dream Can from Shanghai has been one of the most buzzed new bands to come out of China in the last couple of years. Sure to please fans of broody Beijing post-punk legends such as Re-TROS, Snapline, and PK14, Dream Can delivers a hot-shot of youthful ennui cranked through tightly constructed jams for bass, guitar and drums. The trio is in Beijing recording their debut album for local label Maybe Mars, which they tell us is about “the cruelty of youth and young ambition”. Fun Guide sat down with these three precocious young ladies to get more info ahead of their Maybe Mars showcase show on Sunday at School Bar.

Dream Can is:
A Re – vocals and guitar
Can Can – bass
Qi Yu – drums

pangbianr: Can you introduce yourselves? How did you meet? When did you form the band?

A Re: We were all studying at Songjiang University Town when we met.

Qi Yu: A Re actually bought her first guitar from me. I took the money from selling my guitar to learn drums.

Can Can: I met Qi Yu first, one day she pulled me along to A Re’s house to hang out. After that we started practicing together.

pbr: What inspired you to start playing music? What were some Chinese bands that influenced you? What about international bands?

Dream Can: Actually it was mainly because we were bored, we just wanted to find something that would keep us entertained on the weekends. We don’t like going to board game parties or anything like that. So we formed a band. Our local influences are Ourself Beside Me, Snapline, Re-TROS, etc. Especially the label Maybe Mars, they have a lot of really great bands. International influences are Joy Division, Acid Mothers Temple, Can, Gong, Faust, etc.

pbr: What are your lyrics about? What themes or emotions do you try to express in your music?

Dream Can: It’s kind of like thinking out loud, things that aren’t really suitable for everyday conversation. Like the nature of life, delusions, fantasies… it’s kind of like arguing with the air. The second question makes me want to read more. We haven’t seriously thought through these things. To us, it’s really not important whether our music makes sense to other people. People can get whatever they can get from it, that’s obvious. That said, I guess the album we’re recording now is about the cruelty of youth, and young ambition.

pbr: You recently signed to Maybe Mars, which is a dream for many bands. How did you become involved with the label?

Dream Can: Last year Maybe Mars organized a showcase of Shanghai bands in Beijing called Independent China in Stereo and invited us to join. After the show they pulled us aside and talked about recording our album. We were already huge Maybe Mars fans, so of course we were extremely honored!

pbr: What is your opinion of the music scene in your home city of Shanghai as compared to the Beijing music scene?

Dream Can: Honestly we don’t really understand Beijing very well. It’s definitely different than Shanghai, but the differences are very subtle and hard to talk about.

pbr: What are you working on now? When can we look forward to hearing your debut album?

Dream Can: Right now we’re wrapping up the recording… as for when you’ll be able to hear it, you’d have to ask our producer, Lao Yang [Haisong]! Hahahaha~

Dream Can in Beijing
School Bar
Admission: 60rmb
Sunday, August 7
53 Wudaoying Hutong

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