FILASTINE Live at Temple

By , 2013年 1月 27日

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Self-described bass music nomad FILASTINE makes his first trip to China straight off the massive nationwide Spring Festival hiatus, and he’s just what we need to bring ourselves lurching back to life in this Year of the Snake. Filastine’s audio-visual alchemy takes the form of a “fractured post-dubstep” informed by percussive habits he’s picked up in Latin America, India, and the Middle East, embellished by hip hop 808s, and accentuated by the sublime vocals of Javanese collaborator Nova. To quote Pitchfork, these are “hybrids so fluent they defy classification.”

来自西班牙巴塞罗那的重低音电子乐流浪者FILASTINE将于2月22日开始他在北京的首演。对于我们这些所有被“年”狠狠地埋入荼靡混沌的垂死肉身来说,,他的音乐可谓一剂绝味良药,让耳朵和神经竭力在蛇年到来后迅速起死回生。Filastine的作品接近支离破碎的后dubstep电子乐 —并受到缤纷世界音乐的影响,打击乐风格千变交织,同时更有来自印度尼西亚的Nova高亢的女声参差左右。Pitchfork网站说他们是:”混合纯熟,错落有道,不可妄以群分。”

And the bass, it’s all about the bass. Pulsing, dirty, gut churning sub bass. World body music.


Below stream a few choice cuts off Filastine’s 2012 long-player £00T, an album conceptually based on a post-national currency “for a near-future pirate utopia.” Really, who among us isn’t a global pirate at this point?

下面可以试听Filastine在2012年发行的专辑《£00T》。专辑的名字来自对跨国的货币的一种假想,“创建未来的海盗乌托邦。“ ,我们中的谁不是那个在全球化波涛中残喘寄生的隐形海盗呢?

FILASTINE live at TEMPLE. Friday February 22, 9pm. No cover. COME FEEL IT. 2月22日周五在坛酒吧 TEMPLE现场演出。晚上九点开始,免票。来感受一下吧。

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