Friend or Foe (SH) in Beijing, 22 & 23 April 2011

By , 2011年 4月 17日

Friend or Foe, an awesome new band from Shanghai, is hitting Beijing the weekend of April 22/23. They’re wisely spacing themselves out between What Bar and D-22 so you have more than one chance to check them out. Judging by the recent live video below they will put on a pretty raucous set.

They’re playing at What Bar on April 22nd with two of Beijing’s best one-man bands, Lowbow and thruoutin (aka 白面包), and at D-22 on April 23rd with Streets Kill Strange Animals and Glow Curve (formerly Maze). Show Shanghai some support!

UPDATE: Friend or Foe will be handing out cds from Rainbow Danger Club, another killer Shanghai band, via Zang Nan Recordings. Ask the band members for a cd!

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