Generation 6 Showcase @ Yugong Yishan, 11 September 2010

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Strange show. I’d think that a lot of people in town would have a vested interest in manufacturing buzz around a “new generation” of Beijing music, but there wasn’t much on-the-ground support for these bands last Saturday night.

因为我在外边卖Hot & Cold (冷热)CD,所以我的看法有一点有限。 Residence A, Lazy Camels, me灌me开始的时候,观众慢慢进出, 大多数20-30岁外国人。 观众特定人群可能是这样的愿意因为Time Out Beijing真促进这个表演,但是这样的观众又少又奇怪。

I had a limited perspective as I was up front for much of the night shelling Hot & Cold cds. I watched the crowd slowly trickle in during the first three bands (Residence A, Lazy Camels, me灌me), a decent mix that trended toward 20-30-something expats. This may have been because Time Out Beijing threw their promotional weight behind the show, but honestly I was expecting more people and the turnout was kind of puzzling.

我没听见最早的乐队,但是Mr. Graceless受到我的注意。 他们很好听。演出以后,我们问一下Mr. Graceless的打鼓人他对“六代”有什么感觉。你可以听他的回答这儿。 (只有中文)

I didn’t register much from the first few bands, but Mr. Graceless caught my ear. They were quite good. After the show, we asked Mr. Graceless’ drummer how he feels about this “Generation 6” tag. You can hear his take on pangbianr radio (Chinese only).

Rustic – “Rock & Roll for Money and Sex” @ Generation 6 Showcase

Rustic 表演的时应该最理想的,第五个乐队。从我在外边的地方,听起来又平常又好好表演。我没看见Rikki穿的衣服,但是我朋友告诉我他穿的是“皮革 裤子还有一个 吉普赛围巾“。

Rustic wrangled the prime spot of the evening, playing fifth. From where I was sitting it sounded like they delivered the standard good time. Unfortunately I missed Rikki’s stage getup, which a friend described as “pleather assless chaps and a glam gypsy scarf.”

Birdstriking – “喜鹊” @ Generation 6 Showcase

因为Rustic以后,大多数的观众离开了,所以Birdstriking 的位置真不理想。虽然很多Time Out 人走了,但是Jennifer留了到最后个歌子。无所谓,Birdstriking 做的很棒,请吹万的闫玉龙跟他们作用电小提琴。

Birdstriking got shafted with the following slot, as much of the crowd left after Rustic. Even most of Time Out’s people bailed, though to her credit Jennifer stuck it out to the bitter end. Anyway, their loss, they missed the rare treat of Chuiwan’s 闫玉龙 (Yan Yulong) accompanying Birdstriking on electric violin.

十,十二个人留看Flyx, 最后个乐队。我看见他们的演出,但是他们泄气的 , 只表演两的歌。

Only about a dozen people stayed for Flyx, the final band. I did make it up front to see them but, understandably frustrated, they cut it off after two songs. We caught up with them after the show as well: you can stream our interview with Flyx’s guitarist and bassist HERE (Chinese only).

可能不是最好的办法给这些“六代”乐队介绍到yugong , 但是这些乐队都青年,都饿了。我们会再看他们。

Maybe not the most auspicious introduction of “Generation 6” to the Yugong spotlight, but these bands are all young and hungry. We’ll see them again.

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