INTLX #4: Harsh Noise as Alternative Medicine

By , 2012年 9月 18日

If Western meds and TCM have both failed you, try the harsh noise antidote. That’s what we do. Cure for (and sometimes cause of): schizophrenia, seasonal affective disorder, internal bleeding, joint pain, lung pain, and the most serious ailment of all: excessive sanity in an increasingly insane environment.


Esteemed French practitioner Ecoute la Merde visits Beijing for a 2-day seminar with local experts. “Ecoute La Merde is a french harsh noise project started in 2005 by Vivian Grezzini. The aim is to explore every noisy side of the sound, from experimental accoustic to Harsh Noise Wall. Now working in psychiatric hospital with autistic patients on noise therapic effects for psychotic people.”

尊重的法国开业者Ecoute la Merde (听屎) 来北京指挥两天跟本地专家合作的示范。”Ecoute la Merde是2005年由Vivian Grezzini创建的法国粗噪音组合。目的是为了探索声音中的各种噪声,从实验不插电到粗噪音墙。现在正尝试用噪音疗法帮助精神病院的孤独症儿童。”

Two nights, two venues 俩场,俩场地:

Show 1 / 第一场

time 时间:Tuesday October 9, 9pm 十月九日(周二)九点
place 场地:XP 小萍 (
ticket 门票:30元 (学生 20元 students)

bands 演出单元

~ Ecoute la Merde (France 法国)
~ Ma Fei San 麻沸散 (Tongzhou/nomadic 通州/游牧)

Show 2 / 第二场

[+] 豆瓣页面 douban event page

time 时间:Saturday October 13, 9:30pm 十月十三日(周六)晚上九点半
place 场地:老What Bar (
ticket 门票:40元 (includes one free beer 包含一平免费啤酒)

bands 演出单元

~ Ecoute la Merde (France 法国)
~ 「不合作噪音组织」 (Tongzhou/nomadic 通州/游牧)
~ Ice Seller 昼夜售冰 (Tianjin 天津)
~ Deng Chenglong 邓成龙 (Wuhan/Beijing 武汉/北京)

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