Be Persecuted
@Mao, 30 May 2010

By , 2010年 5月 30日

I heard about this show on Friday and emailed my friend Charlie in Texas the links to the bands to ask whether I should go. Charlie knows about these things and he’s way into Be Persecuted so I went.

This is the first black metal show I’ve been to in Beijing and maybe anywhere. Be Persecuted is from Jiangxi and they didn’t move around a lot but they did SHRED. I’ve never heard a bigger sound at a show in Beijing. The drummer was the only one who wasn’t wearing face paint or a Be Persecuted shirt but he did have a black face mask and his snare sounded great. The bass player has an upside-down cross on his forehead but otherwise the band stuck to the no frills white-face approach which I thought was good, not too over the top. These guys are clearly professionals. I’m no black metal expert but I liked the blast beats and melodic noodling a lot, it was just unhinged enough to avoid the overly polished sound I usually associate with bands on the more theatrical end of the metal spectrum.

Only downside of this show was the lack of a big crowd. It would have been a lot of fun to see more drunken longhairs slamming each other around in the pit but as it was there was only a handful and some western imports dutifully headbanging up front. Maybe I should start going to 13 Club on the weekends.

Here’s a sample. Like I said, they didn’t move much:

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