MIJI no.6: Winter Improv Committee

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pangbianr is excited to collaborate with Yan Jun/Subjam on the 6th monthly MIJI concert. December’s installation is called the Winter Improv Committee and will take place over two days: on Wednesday, December 21st, 8pm there will be a workshop at The Pavilion (B-2503 pingguo shequ, east of Today Art Museum; map here), in which each artist will talk about their working methods and give a short demonstration. The following night (Thursday December 22, 8:30pm) will feature seven improvised solo performances at 2Kolegas. Participating artists include: Yan Jun, GogoJ, Vavabond, Jun-Y Ciao, Zhang Shouwang, Liu Xinyu and Yan Yulong.

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Miji Concert no.6: Winter Improv Committee

Yan Jun (feedback noise and electricity), GogoJ (wave generator, oscilloscope, iPhone and other machines), VAVABOND (laptop and UFO), Liu Xinyu (no-input mixer and flash light), Yan Yulong (Violin and other unknown objects), Zhang Shouwang (guitar and electronics), Jun-Y Ciao (saxophone and clarinet and other blowable objects)

Workshop: Wednesday, December 21st, 8pm; The Pavilion (map); free

7 musicians introduce their instrument and working method. Each talk will be followed by a short solo performance. The purpose is to introduce themselves and their approach to experimenting with music to the other artists and the audience. The 2nd part of the workshop will show the audience the basic principles of improv music and let them join the playing.

This workshop will be held at The Pavilion.

Concert: Thursday, December 22nd, 8:30pm; 2Kolegas; rmb 40
Different combinations dictated by rules, frames, and games of chance

Origin: Even after the end of the Waterland Kwanyin series, Tuesday in Beijing remains dedicated to experimental music: D-22’s Zoomin’ Night hosts all the misfit side projects of non-rock bands. Some of them are leaving the ground, either going down to the underground or flying into aether. They go more immaterial with materialist sound. We call that experimental music and sound event.

The earlier musicians are thirsty to encounter and intertwine as they do, with each other and with the audience…

And in the Winter, time is slow…

Therefore, this workshop and concert: first night at The Pavilion art space and next night at 2Kolegas bar with the best PA and space for experimental music in Beijing.

Because what people need is not just another noisy meeting.

Yan Jun: he uses feedback noise for improvised performance. Sometimes extremely quiet and sometimes extremely drilling. He regards himself as an observer instead of a performer. The instrument contains electronics and, obviously, PA speakers, space and audience.

GogoJ aka SHENG JIE, 1975. Beijing CHINA.
I have focused on the arena of technology looking at its impact on society. Combining video, sound, installation and performance, my work aims to investigating the associations and reflections between high and low technologies. 2010, founded shan audio video lab.

VAVABOND:As one of the few female experimental musicians in Mainland China, VAVABOND began from large volume noise music by using Max/MSP, and concentrating on cosmic sounds and electronic improvisation with Max 5 as the major creative interface nowadays.

Jun-Y Ciao: Artist and improv musician. A Fluxus offspring and free jazz lover. born in Shanghai. 2006 graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, Duesseldorf, Germany. Member of the free music group MTDM. In 2009, founded the acoustic-electronic project “Power Quality Wood” with Olaf Hochherz.

Zhang Shouwang: As founding member of Carsick Cars, Zhang Shouwang has participated in several international tours and music festivals, including a European tour opening for Sonic Youth. He also performs in experimental noise duo White, originally formed with Shenggy. White is deeply influenced by avant-garde music. Their first record was produced by Blixa Bargeld, frontman of German industrial rock band Einstürzende Neubauten. Zhang Shouwang’s solo work blends many different styles, from experimental noise and avant-garde composition to acoustic folk and electronic music. Acclaimed critic Alex Ross of The New Yorker included one of Zhang Shouwang’s solo improvisational performances in his list of “The Ten Best Classical-Musical Performances of 2008.”

Liu Xinyu: Primarily uses mixer feedback and guitar to create completely meaningless, extremely simple sounds. The noise is also processed through several effects pedals to achieve variation and incremental progressions.

Yan Yulong: I play the violin. Through extremely slow variations of harmony and the movement of sounds, I attempt to draw attention to the passing of time, and to retain the essential characteristic of music.

presented by Sub Jam, Pangbianr and The Pavilion

Sub Jam is the most active experimental music organization in China. Devoted to today’s music and sound. Has organized several hundred concerts. Its sub-label Kwanyin Records (formerly Sub Jam Records) has released more than 60 titles of underground music, experimental music and sound art works.

Pangbianr is a platform for exploring the lived culture of making music in China. Its mission is to produce, distribute, and promote underground Chinese music and to build relationships between musicians, filmmakers, and visual artists both within China and internationally. Pangbianr.com is a resource for discovering avant-garde and emerging music from Beijing and elsewhere in China via streaming audio, video, reviews, interviews, and articles about independent Chinese art, music, and film.

The Pavilion:For one year, a series of events are taking place in “the Pavilion”: activities in the form of courses, seminars, performances, and discussions. Each aspect of these experiments will be related to daily practices and rituals, training and maintaining; with special attention paid to intense public discourse (with the intention of investigating the nature of public space). Furthermore, these events will serve to explore and incubate the roles of individuals and organizations in this common experimental space. This organic space will include a variety of dimensions, each section individually is as equally important as the year- long program as a whole. We feel it could be very interesting to connect these different daily life situations or ‘acupuncture points’, thus shaping both the space around us and the form and value of the Manifesto.

We are trying to extend the boundaries of a public space beyond the limited space of galleries, offices and exhibitions. The communication we are trying to build around The Pavilion, through the interventions of different people from different fields, will thus extend its spectrum of research to the subject of rhythm and velocity. This possibility will hopefully widen our understanding of communication and human interactions to different unexplored levels related to the contemporary world and its everyday pace.






从事声音与影像的艺术创作。关注由高科技所引发的低科技反思。作品形式包括:录像, VJ, 噪音,装置,行为。2010年创办shan视听实验室,一个以教学为平台的新媒体艺术交流私人工作室。

VAVABOND是使用Max/MSP演出噪音音乐的女性艺术家。她的声音基本来源于颗粒质感的电子声响、电波频率交界处的噪音、昆虫震动发出的鸣响、宇 宙射线、麦田怪圈、息和光,强大的声波在噪声中交织出奇特的私密空间。除个人SOLO计划外,还与李剑鸿组成迷幻噪音组合“迷走神经”和环境即兴组合“不可能的可能性”。她曾参加多次国内实验/噪音和新媒体艺术活动,包括NOIShanghai、2pi唱片的“出神”巡演、2007大声展的“听游记”和 “咖喱秀”项目、2pi音乐节、上海美术馆主办的“果冻时代”展览、 “重织城市”香港/深圳建筑双城展、上海电子艺术节、2009年先锋音乐节等。

照骏园:艺术家,即兴乐手。深受自由爵士和激浪派艺术鼓舞。出生于上海。2006年毕业于德国杜塞尔多夫艺术学院。2005年与陶轶共同组建自由音乐乐团“没腿的马(MTDM)”。2009年建立了一个和电子乐手Olaf Hochherz的合作项目“木电质(Power Quality Wood)”。

张守望:CarsickCars成员,乐队曾多次赴国外音乐节演出,并曾在欧洲与Sonic Youth乐队巡演,他还与沈静组建了噪音实验乐队White.这支乐队深受先锋音乐的影响,并在德国工业摇滚殿堂级乐队E.N.主脑Blixa Bargeld的制作下完成。
其个人计划的计划也跨越多种音乐风格,从实验噪音,先锋作曲到不插电民谣和电子音乐,个人的吉他solo演出曾被《纽约客》杂志著名的乐评人Alex Ross评为当年最好的十场演出之一。




撒把芥末(Sub Jam)是中国最活跃的实验音乐组织。致力于国内外最前沿的音乐和声音探索,曾经策划过数百场演出。旗下观音唱片(前身为铁托唱片),共发表超过60种地下音乐,实验音乐,声音艺术作品。



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