Mini Kwanyin

By , 2011年 2月 8日

Mini Kwanyin is a new Kwanyin Records spinoff label focusing on low-budget cdr releases. Starting with a small batch in 2010, Mini Kwanyin plans to release sound poetry, musique concrete, and work from non-Chinese artists. Kwanyin will continue to release new work from established Chinese noise artists — 2011 will see albums from Li Jianhong and VAVABOND — while Mini Kwanyin will operate as a more agile unit producing small, inexpensive releases responding more quickly to changing conditions.

Mini Kwanyin’s designer Ruan Qianrui describes the concept behind this new imprint:

Mini Kwanyin is about NOW. It is under the catalogue number series of Kwanyin Records. It is a simple and efficient platform, fuzzier style and lower cost. It uses a unified cover design differentiated by three colors for all illusion and inner life. It is capital when we meet, a piece of everyday life, a fragment of reality. It is oriented to action and desire. It is a new organ of Sub Jam. For abundance but more for abandoning. For reclaiming and for inventing. Make CDs then expend them. Meaning is about listening. We pick the start and end points by ourselves. Therefore, the NOW is not about the contemporary. It’s about you.

迷你观音(Mini Kwanyin ) 是关于当下的。它是方便法门,亦是简轨。它与观音唱片采用同一种编号方式,模糊品位和压缩成本,揽阔一切再取消一切。选择统一封套,用颜色区分,幻化万千,暗嵌人命。它是我们相遇的资本,日常的零件,现实的碎片。归于行动与欲望,它是撒把芥末(SUB JAM)的一部分,为了富足更为了遗弃,为了回收也为了发明,制作唱片再取消唱片,继续生长与万物嬉闹。它关于聆听,不如说是关于截取,我们自定起点与终点,那么当下不是关于当代的,是关于你的。

You can purchase Mini Kwanyin cds via the Jianghu Changpian taobao shop.

~ 奥拉夫 豪赫兹《修辞》
~ oral works合辑《口活》
~ 颜峻 (Yan Jun)《AT》

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