New Jams: Felicita – “Painted Dub”

By , 2012年 12月 15日

UK-side pangbianr affiliate Dominik Salter Dvorak, aka 多多, is coming back to Beijing for a pair of gigs with his Felicita project. Last time we saw him was back in July 2011 at Raying Temple (RIP).

Dominik will play a more experimental set at XP’s Zoomin’ Night on Tues 12/18 and a more straightforward dubbed out electro set on Thursday 12/20, also at XP. For the former, Dominik is looking for a collaborator to help him out on piano or guqin/guzheng. The performance parameters are as follows:

A performance for synthesizer and either classical piano or guqin/guzheng. Loose, quiet, improvised. Inspired by ambient music at large (obviously), but specifically, water parks, synchronised swimming, whale calls. Also, classical/early modern piano works as contemporary wallpaper music (not sure if this also applies to the guqin, though I’ve a feeling its atmosphere is transferrable.)

To give a vague idea of the kind of piano playing I’m talking about: I did a similar performance in London where the pianist played interpretations of Satie. Guqin wise it’d be slower, more sparse pieces like 平沙落雁, 玉楼春晓, 長門怨. Though of course with no intention to imitate them.

If you’re interested in joining, email me via the contact link below. Either way enjoy this exclusive new Felicita jam, “Painted Dub”:

Felicita – “Painted Dub”

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