New Jams: Next Year’s Love

By , 2012年 3月 3日

Here are some brand-new sounds: the debut LP from Shanghai semi-electro post-punk brooders Next Year’s Love. The all-female power trio consists of F from Pairs, “Super Sophia” from Yuyintang livehouse, and Vic, former bassist of Eyes Behind. It’s the latest release from QU Records, run by veteran Shanghai music scene blogger/lo-fi advocate Andy Best. Glad to see him back at it, it’s been a long while since he released the first Little Punk and Pairs albums back in 2010.

This was done on a super-shoestring, in line with QU’s ultra-DIY ethics. Quoth Andy: “We recorded Next Year’s Love in a basement in one take using Brad [Ferguson, manager of Duck Fight Goose]’s laptop and Yuyintang’s old sound desk, which we carted over in a taxi… All borrowed or done for free, just the room rental (40 rmb all in). All amps came with the room included in the price. The two cab rides for the desk transport was probably 30 rmb all in too. So total spending 70 rmb between 5 people.”

And it sounds great at that. These songs were recorded not long before NYL came up to Beijing along with Pairs last October, and the recording confirms the impression I got when I saw them at the time. Style-wise they sound like a mix between The Cure and Suicide, and seem unsure of which side of the fence they want to land. Personally, I prefer when they veer towards more atonal and discordant territory, but that’s just my damaged set of ears.

Anyway, a promising new band. The EP is available for free download: hit NYL’s bandcamp or douban page.

Andy, one more time:

“Qu Records is a non-binding collaborative effort. Qu does not own or control any of the bands or material. Any interest in the bands, songs or shows – please go directly to the bands themselves.”

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