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By , 2018年 8月 3日

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What moves in eight-year cycles? Venus Retrograde, most US presidents I guess. Dubious company, but pangbianr too. We launched in June 2010 and have hung on since then in Beijing, but we’re leaving the city and going to Shanghai for a minute (the ley lines of what we do have been shifting in that direction for years now, and we’ll do more there).


For now here’s an 8+ anniversary event coming at ya next Sunday (Aug 12):


9am-3pm: pangbianr recent pickups #1 @ Wujin (五金), feat. Michael Yuen (one of the very first people I met after moving to Beijing in 2009, late-stage Waterland Kwanyin (RIP) days at 2Kolegas (RIP)). I’ll sample some recent pickups including but not limited to Bernie Krause’s Great Animal Orchestra and two killer recent Spacefruity Records cassettes by Dolphy Kick Bebop from Hangzhou and 鸭听天 from Yiwu.

早上9点到下午3点我们先去五金(郎家胡同26号),和旁边儿老朋友Michael Yuen喝咖啡,采样好听的声音,聊聊天。在五金也会带着录音机做一个podcast。

8pm-late @ fruityspace w/ 拜拜鱼, MengHan (live), Simon Frank (live), Nevin Domer (South American hardcore DJ set), Krish Raghav (tbc), and more (for sure)

晚上8点到???我们在fruityspace玩儿,“拜拜鱼”乐队 + MengHan + Simon Frank会做现场演出,Nevin Domer + Krish Raghav + 更多朋友们来DJ


See ya there!

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