Event: Zhang Shouwang, Yan Yulong, Josh Feola @ MWOODS, 2017.6.10

By , 2017年 6月 7日

date 日期: SAT 6.10 周六
time 时间: 1-6pm
place 地点: MWOODS (木木美术馆)
ticket 门票: 60rmb

pangbianr is excited to bring some outer sounds to the inner space of M WOODS (木木美术馆), a private art museum in 798 founded in 2014 (background here). Their current show is for French artist Cristof Yvoré, who painted subtly vertigo-inducing beige and gray images of everyday household mundanity — among other subjects — until his untimely death in 2013. The retrospective is the first showing of Yvoré’s work in Asia, and to pull it off M WOODS worked closely with members of the artist’s estate, creating a documentary video that screens on a loop in one of the museum’s side rooms.

Yvoré’s estate also shared with M WOODS the fact that while working, the artist typically played loud, sharp music ostensibly at odds with his muted aesthetic. In addition to masters of Modern minimalism like La Monte Young and Steve Reich, Yvoré was also known to blast Throbbing Gristle, Silver Apples, and Suicide while creating his spare canvases.

Well, we’ll happily throw those soundwaves at the paintings on Saturday, the closing day for the exhibition, with an event happening between 1-6pm and featuring live music from Zhang Shouwang and Yan Yulong, who will perform their latest duo composition, Ping Ze, ahead of its official release on the newly rebooted Maybe Noise label later this year. We might also get a solo set or two out of them, and in between the live bits pangbianr’s Josh Feola will bounce some of Yvoré’s favorites’ greatest hits around M WOODS’ cavernous interior.

60rmb ticket includes entry to the exhibition

M WOODS address:
D-06 2 Jiuxianqiao Road 789 Art District Chaoyang

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