Video: Alpine Decline – “Pre-Columbian Artifact”

By , 2016年 4月 15日

Been waiting a while for this one! Alpine Decline, who are getting ready to put out their seventh album Life’s a Gasp on May 1, have just released the video for its debut single and opening track. “Pre-Columbian Artifact” is my favorite track off the record, and not only because I literally have a degree in pre-Columbian artifacts (BA in Maya archaeology). It’s a ripper that sets the mood for the heavy double-LP, the band’s deepest trip yet into the darker layers of the Beijing city slicker subconscious.

This cosmic smog trip of an MV was put together by a few pangbianr alumni: Maya Rudolph in the proverbial director’s chair (there were no chairs, we had to keep moving so as not to get hit by motorbikes or trains) and Benny Shaffer behind the lens (this was shot on sickly sweet, overexposed 8mm). It’s about an alien witch coven or something, I don’t know, it was made soon after Bowie died and we double-featured The Man Who Fell to Earth and Labyrinth in tribute.

Enjoy! If you’re VPN’s malfunctioning, catch it on Chinese internet here.

from the album Life’s a Gasp, released on May 1, 2016 by Maybe Mars Records

Life’s a Gasp lurches to a bracing start with “Pre-Columbian Artifact,” tuning you in from the beginning to the synthesized universe you’ll be stop-start hurtling through for the next 19 tracks, a place where warm bodies meet pharmaceutically chilled minds. Hitting you like a burst of sun through a hole in your skull, this ripper peels back the mask, revealing apocryphal visions at a rate of 100/sec. The new Pre-Columbian Dream is all that we know, somnambulating toward the future, leaving everything in our path forward scattered to history in our wake.

music by: Alpine Decline
director/editor: Maya Eva Gunst Rudolph
director of photography: Benny Shaffer
an Iceberg Film production

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