PREMIERE: SHYQA – “Bleeding (Hyph11E Remix)”

By , 2017年 8月 4日

Got a hot one for you to kick off this brutal weekend! Was thrilled to receive an email a few days ago from Eco Futurism Corporation which is, what? A label? A vibe? An aesthetic? A multinational conglomerate diversified across disparate interests including petrochemical fever nightmares & aural-cognitive splintering?

Yes! Eco Futurism Corporation is readying their latest dispatch to Earth ca 2017, and their first on a physical medium at that: ECOPRIMITIVISM pt. I by SHYQA, about which they say,

The ECOPRIMITIVISM of the predator helped him to catch them from their lairs and get them Bleeding. Now his most savage fight on the Earth has ended and you can get the result.

Product features:
– More than 25 participants in the battle in one game
– Unique system – every victim made its own remix for the release
– Аn inimitable atmosphere of horror
– Back to the primitive forms
– Full immersion effect”

Those 25 participants are all soul-matches organically identified by Eco Futurism Corporation, with entrants from South America, Mexico, China and Japan, and we’re very happy to WORLD PREMIERE one of these 25 into the wild, a remix by Shanghai’s Hyph11E:

Eco Futurism Corporation invited Hyph11E (aka Genome6.66Mbp label co-runner Tess) to join the fray, because they heard “familiar notes” in her music and liked her general vibe. And they hit me up to do the premiere because they’ve recently become invested in the concept of Sinofuturism and came across my article on the topic.


They add:

“He was called to clean the air and add vivacity to the Chinese city, where the average comfort of the houses are located endless blocks close to each other, like as condensers on the motherboard. This is Eco Futurism penetrates into the Sinofuturism.”


“We are the result of urbanism, children of the stone jungle. We want something alive, natural, for this reason we are looking for an outlet in such music.”

Enjoy! Engage! Pay for this unique opportunity & sound cartridge right here!

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