Pure Lightsource Dumpling Village 正兴源饺子庄

By , 2010年 6月 10日

WHAT: Dumpling pangbianr (one federation among a lively alley of worthy pangbianrs)

WHERE: Haidian District, 100m north of Tsinghua University’s west gate. Turn right into the alley, 25m on the left with light-green furniture and large alley-facing windows.

SPECIALTY: Fresh steamed dumplings at 3am

COMMENTS: Dumpling-making begins in the wee hours of the morning at this place, one of the few in the alley open past 2. Not overly fatty pork-and-cabbage is the only flavor at this hour of the night but no alternatives are necessary to these succulent porky pouches. Before midnight, this pangbianr offers 12 different types of dumplings, all delicious, as well as a full menu of jia chang cai (homestyle dishes).

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