河端一和来自法国的DJ URINE亚洲巡演(小雷音站)
Kawabata Makoto + DJ Urine Asia Tour

By , 2011年 12月 1日

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几个月前香港的Rolf跟我说,酸母寺的河端一和法国硬件噪音艺术家DJ Urine要在年初做一次亚洲巡演。我想到了五年前河端一携酸母寺众神和麻沸散军团的历史性会晤,但遗憾的是那一次我鬼使神差地错过了。

Several months ago, Rolf from Hong Kong contacted me to book Beijing shows for Kawabata Makoto & DJ Urine‘s Asia tour. It reminded me that 5 years ago, Kawabata, founding member of legendary Japanese psychedelic noise collective Acid Mothers Temple, had a really astonishing meeting and show with Mafeisan in Beijing. Unfortunately I missed it.

Now, after 5 years, we will continue the tradition.


这一次我们很有幸再次携手小雷音和撒把芥末,为大家奉上Makoto Kawabata + DJ Urine 亚洲巡演北京站的春节前饕餮大餐。

2012 is coming soon… what an exciting moment. This is as good a time as ever for international underground exchanges and parties. Because soon we will have no nationalities. We’re all foreigners.

Now pangbianr is very honored to collaborate with Raying Temple again. Right before Chinese New Year we’ll serve up a gluttonous feast for lovers of the loud and deep underground.


小雷音这一站,毋庸置疑地作为本次盛宴的第一站,将带领大家开启通往后2012的神秘幸福之门, 共同先锋地制造新好生活态度。

A lot has changed in 5 years… the wild destroyers, cyclothymes, heathens, sick nihilists and utopian poets who buried themselves in Raying Temple have all evolved in different directions.They’ve changed the palace into a dizzy and pure altar with a mix of ice and fire.

Raying Temple is the first stop for Kawabata & Urine. We will help people open the exciting and mysterious door to 2012, help build a better attitude towards life with the avant-garde spirit.


As openers, various medical practitioners:

~ Mafeisan and ONG, traditional medical treatment plus a special Shamanic ingredient, high efficacy.
~ An obscure intergalactic council sends Vagus Nerve, they will invade and improve or infest your damaged necrotic tissue.

音乐家的信息 artist info:

Kawabata Makoto + DJ Urine

这是日本迷幻噪音乐队“酸母寺”的吉他手兼创始人河端一(Kawabata Makoto)和法国地下硬件噪音界鬼才Dj Urine的全新组合。
话说河端一在新奥尔良的一次演出中与DJ Urine相识,然后便产生了与其合作的意向。直到现在才有机会真正实施,并断然以亚洲巡演做为开端。
综合他们自己写的介绍:首先,这是河端一在酸母寺之外,个人计划的一部分。在这个二人组合里,他主要用吉他制造出一系列刺耳的迷幻长音氛围。DJ Urine作为资深黑胶碟片粉碎达人,日常破坏噪声收集者,二人将携手带来:空间迷幻摇滚与扭曲拼贴的变体,加上被融化掉在异端的琴弦,粗噪音切割掺杂左右。似曾相识的重型硬摇滚风骨影响并遭遇疯人院致幻剂的调戏,而最终又把一切打磨、揉碎、分散、直至消失在一片超验的寂静里。

This is the brand new project of Makoto Kawabata, founding member of legendary Japanese psychedelic noise collective Acid Mothers Temple, and French underground hardcore/power electronics wizard DJ Urine.
Kawabata met DJ Urine at a show in New Orleans, where they got the idea to play together. Now, finally they are making it come true with a major tour of Asia.
To summarize their own introduction: it’s a new project, separate from Acid Mothers Temple and DJ Urine. In this duo collaboration, Kawabata will use guitar to make a series of harsh psychedelic drones. DJ Urine will be the broken vinyl alchemist & daily life noise collector. They will bring us: psychedelic space-rock , twisted collages and harsh noise cutups, melted kaleidoscope strings; Heavy rock meets “asylum blender psychedelia” and creates a unique combination, which at last disappears into the extrasensory silence…



China, early 2005, appears a representative of the emergent NOJIJI tribe.
Excluding all determinative modes of thinking and customary manufacturing methods; refusing to compromise the truth of the community; antisocial, ugly, malodorous and depraved vibes; otherwise, you are not allowed to watch;
Their physical presence can increase the functioning of the central nervous system, inhibit anxiety, promote adrenaline secretion, and create a gas field caused by intense re-thinking. They will gather thoughts directed at the solution, restructure and, in an instant, release, and from the gas field emit tremendous energy.

ONG(中文:唵 梵语咒音)


Groups, the nature of nothingness groups, are good at opening up a new universe of individual integrity, shamanic consciousness, psychedelic space, chaotic behavior, Poseidon, god, super-Vajrapani.
Several years ago on November 19 rehearsals were held with 15 people, two dogs and a few children from the village, everyone sitting around on the carpet of the small Raying Temple practice room, playing in the dark. A bit crowded, a little chaotic, but everyone was very serious. Laughter, shouting, coughing, speaker static and instrumental sounds together formed a flood. We circulated inside, joy passed through us and bit of embarrassment registers on our faces. . . .
place of enlightenment: Raying Temple
members: Experimental Sound Explorers, painters, homosexuals, designers, football players, students, mental patients, poets, artists, seekers of the path, girls, bank clerks, hermits, virgin, hippies. . . . .

迷走神经 Vagus Nerve

他们的首张专辑《LoPan》是以中国罗盘上的符号、数字和文字为主题的一张作品,已由美国 Utech Records 出版,第二张专辑《Too High To Die》是一张近一小时的迷幻之旅,第三张《回到天狼星》也即将出版。

Vagus Nerve was founded by Li Jianhong (guitar) and VAVABOND (laptop) in 2006.

They are fans of psychedelic music from the 1960s and 70s and enthusiastic followers of the mysteries of the cosmos, ghosts, and other supernatural phenomena. Combining all their interests into their music, they create an outer space not of deathly silence, but rather filled with mental detritus and wasted information from every corner of the universe.

Their first album, Lo Pan (released in 2008 by Utech Records), was inspired by the symbols, numbers and characters of the lopan, an ancient diviner’s compass. Their second album, Too High to Die, was a psychedelic trip that lasted about one hour. The third album, Back to the Sirius, will be released soon.

Whether on recording or in live performance, Vagus Nerve is an improvisational duo brimming with energies and capabilities.

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