Robedoor China Tour 2019

By , 2019年 2月 26日

Batten down the hatches and seal yr mental exits: LA deep-dream doomsayers Robedoor embark on their inaugural China tour in April 2019. The prodigious drone duo of Britt Brown (founder of seminal American DIY weirdo network Not Not Fun Records) + Alex Brown have let the smelted metal feedback loops pool & congeal on their latest full-length release, New Age Sewage, for about 24 months now; its overripe and ready to be served cold. Catch them mid-ritual in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

关闭你的颅内舱门,封锁精神出口:来自洛杉矶的末日工业乐队Robedoor将在2019年4月进行首次中国巡演。这个长音二人组由Britt Brown(美国开创性DIY厂牌 Not Not Fun Records创始人)和Alex Brown组成,在两年前他们发行了全长专辑《New Age Sewage》。这张专辑就像是熔化的金属反馈循坏,倾倒冷凝,成为一盘熟透的冷餐。来这些城市一睹他们的工业仪式:北京、上海、杭州、义乌、广州、深圳、香港。

Robedoor 2019 China Tour 中国巡演日期:

周四 THU 04/04: Beijing 北京 | Zhao Dai 招待所 w/ Zaliva-D
周五 FRI 04/05: Beijing 北京 | School Bar
周六 SAT 04/06: Shanghai 上海 | Yuyintang 育音堂 w/ 金色希望, Burger Suicide Club
周日 SUN 04/07: Hangzhou 杭州 | Loopy w/ Charm, Dropdown, Mice (FunctionLab/play rec)
周三 WED 04/10: Yiwu 义乌 | GEBI 隔壁 w/ Charm, 鸭听天
周四 THU 04/11: Shanghai 上海 | ALL w/ Charm, PengZhuang, Dee, Hymn
周五 FRI 04/12: Guangzhou 广州 | Rozz-Tox
周六 SAT 04/13: Shenzhen 深圳 | tbc
周日 SUN 04/14: Hong Kong 香港 | SAAL

关于 About Robedoor:

Robedoor is the Los Angeles-based occult industrial drone duo of Britt & Alex Brown. Since forming in early 2005 they have evolved through various dark and stormy improvisational modes – ritual noise, badlands psych rock, brutalist drum machinery, etc – and performed throughout the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe. Their discography runs deep, spanning dozens of cassettes, CD-Rs, and records across numerous labels including Chondritic Sound, Olde English Spelling Bee, Holidays, and Hands In The Dark, who released their most recent full-lengths: Primal Sphere (2013) and New Age Sewage (2017).

Robedoor是来自洛杉矶的神秘工业长音二人组,由Britt Brown和Alex Brown组成。自2005年初组成以来,他们不断在种种暗黑、汹涌的即兴模式中演变:仪式噪音、荒地迷幻摇滚、残酷鼓机演奏等等——也在美国、英国和欧洲各地演出。他们的作品名录包括众多磁带、CD,以及在这些厂牌下的发行:Chondritic Sound、Olde English Spelling Bee、Holidays、以及 Hands In The Dark,后者也发行了Robedoor最新的两张专辑:《Primal Sphere》 (2013) 和《New Age Sewage》 (2017)。

Robedoor’s live set is rhythmic, raw, and ravaged, executed in dimly lit spaces at maximum volume, accompanied by experiential video projections. They are currently mixing a new album to be released in 2019.


关于 About New Age Sewage:

Four years after the release of their previous Hands in the Dark LP Primal Sphere, Britt and Alex Brown return with a new odyssey of chaos and psychosis: New Age Sewage. Written and recorded across multiple seismic life events (moves, births, deaths), the album is centered on heavy visions of negative west coast mythology. Themes of poison, hallucination, conspiracy, and false messiahs weave within their sinkholes of mystic sludge.

继上一张专辑《Primal Sphere》在Hands in the Dark厂牌下发行之后 ,Britt和Alex Brown沉寂四年,以新一部混乱史诗归来:《New Age Sewage》。专辑的创作和录制伴以数个重大的生活事件(迁居、出生、死亡),因此充满了沉重的西海岸幻象。在这一下水道淤泥里,你能找到如毒药、幻觉、阴谋论和伪救世主这样的主题。

The duo’s music has grown darker, denser, and more visceral with each album. There’s a sense of practiced ritual, of deepening meditation, portals opening against their will. New Age Sewage documents half a decade of the band’s hermetic focus, shaped by instinct, will, and apocalyptic realities.

这一双人组的音乐如今已经演变得更为阴暗和厚重,每一张专辑愈发出于本能。在他们的音乐里你能发现一种仪式感,那是一种深层冥想,不受他们控制的洞穴大开。《New Age Sewage》记录了乐队五年内的密封焦点,以本能、意志和末日般的现实所塑造。

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