THIRD THURSDAY #2 @ D-22, 16 December 2010

By , 2010年 12月 12日

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太冷,大风 — 12月16日(“第三周四”)去D-22看一个学生短片以及两个年轻乐队演出。也有一个展览开幕:小呼的素描在D-22!放映8点开始。门票30元,20元学生。

The second in our Third Thursday series goes down this week at D-22. Come by for a feature-length student film and two exceptional college bands. There will also be an opening of a new exhibit of some home-grown sketches by Xiao Hu on the walls of D-22.

The screening will start at 8pm sharp. Door price is 30元 (20元 for students).


  但河流中 偶尔也会有湍流漩涡。
  一场意外 让他具备了跨越时间的能力。
  他 开始和时间战斗。

We will screen The Turbulence by Beijing Normal University student Zhang Fan Xi. The Turbulence was Zhang’s second-year project at Bei Shi Da, and upon its release last year has garnered him several awards at competition in Nanjing. (Warning: The film will be screened without English subtitles). Zhang describes The Turbulence:

It’s said that time is like a river and cannot reverse its flow. But there are, once in a while, turbulent whirlpools in this river.

The passing of Duyu’s beloved is impossible for him to accept. An accident gave him the ability to leap through time. There is only one chance to save her. He begins his fight against time.



After the screening there will be performances by Po Shang Cun and Zebra Run!. Both college bands, Po Shang Cun has a melodic, upbeat folk pop style while Zebra Run! focus on fuzzier riffs reminiscent of the Pixies (there’s a great cover of Debaser on their douban page).

Check out the younger generations and mark the third thursday of every month on your calendar for more transmissions from the new film/music underground.

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