THIRD THURSDAY #5 @ D-22, 17 March 2011

By , 2011年 3月 13日

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Come to D-22 this Thursday (the third one of March, obviously) for another THIRD THURSDAY. We march on, increasing quality control and valiantly struggling to mitigate technical shortcomings on the A/V end of things.

The screenings will start at 8pm sharp. Door price is 30元 (20元 for students).

We’ll be screening a selection of short films from the Li Xianting Film School. Based in the Songzhuang art district at Fanhall Films, which plays host annually to the China Documentary FIlm Festival and the Beijing Independent Film Festival, the Li Xianting Film School was founded in 2008 to offer short courses and workshops to aspiring filmmakers, all taught by major directors in China’s independent film scene. For further information, check out their douban page:



After the films will be a performance by new favorites N.M.L.K. (short for “Naked Martians Loop a King”, obviously). Born in the year before ’90 and bred to shred on some truly weirdo vibes, these kids sound like Carsick Cars/The Gar if those bands were actually from Mars.

CHECK THEM OUT, and mark the third thursday of every month on your calendar for more transmissions from the new film/music underground.

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