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By , 2013年 9月 19日

There’s a lot to get to so I’ll keep the intro short: pangbianr, with Metrowaves and our Voltron-like hybrid form, Sinotronics, is throwing a week full of events at The Other Place for Beijing Design Week 2013. BJDW, now on its 3rd year, is a city-wide extravaganza of sometimes forward-thinking but often pretty pretentious ineffectual intellectual blathering about urban planning and shaking fists at the ineffable encroachment of Capital on “heritage” and “urban ecologies” and such. Well, I’m not really getting down with all that but we do have some pretty killer events lined up at TOP, mostly focusing on music as it interfaces with art, design, and technology. Read: free music and cheap booze on a daily/nightly basis from September 28-October 3.

We’ll also have a pop-up space in Dahsilar, the central warren of BJDW activities, aptly enough called The Other Other Place. That’s at Yangmeizhu Xie Jie #31, to be exact. Not too much set in stone for that one; we’ll have a makeshift “stage” (speakers pointed out onto the street) and last minute bookings. There will be an LED text + sound installation by Liu Yiwei / FAR Media Lab serving as a visual backdrop for the duration. Plus a conceptual fashion-y exhibit.

But here’s the lineup for The original Other Place (#1 Langjia hutong, off Beiluoguxiang):

Saturday, September 28:
Genjing x IdleBeats:
Silk Screening Workshop + 7″ Release Party

[+] 豆瓣页面 douban event page

Local vinyl label Genjing Records will release a new split 7” between Beijing noise-pop duo Dear Eloise and Australian indie rock outfit Underground Lovers. This is the official China-side release party, featuring an afternoon silk screening workshop and an evening shoegaze DJ event.

The afternoon part (3pm-8pm) features Shanghai design shop IdleBeats, who screened the covers for the new slab. They’ve already shipped a couple of screens up to The Other Place, and will have on-site prints for sale. You can also grip a DIY, silk-screened Genjing tote bag for 30rmb. Plus other great special edition IdleBeats and Genjing merch.

From 8pm-late stick around for DJ sets from darlings of the Beijing indie rock scene. Zhang Shouwang (Carsick Cars / White+), Jonathan Zeitlin (Alpine Decline), Zhou Nairen (Skip Skip Ben Ben / Birdstriking), Wang Ge (VICE China) and more will be spinning their favorite reverb-saturated lo-fi bedroom pop til the wee hours.


北京的著名黑胶唱片品牌“根茎唱片”(Genjing Records)即将发行一张新的七寸黑胶唱片合集,里面收录了著名的流行噪音组合“亲爱的艾洛伊丝”和老牌澳大利亚独立摇滚乐队“Underground Lovers”的最新歌曲。

在过去的二十年中,“Underground Lovers”不仅赢得了ARIA奖,在美国和英国的进行演出,还在独立厂牌(Shock, 4AD, Rubber)和主流厂牌(Polydor, BMG)发行了六张唱片,且均收到了观众和乐评人的极度赞誉和喜爱,乐队在今年春天的Rubber Records发行了十年来的第一张全长专辑《Weekend》。

这张以歌曲本身命名的含有两首歌曲的黑胶唱片是根茎唱片与澳大利亚厂牌Rubber Records联合发行,标志着一个让中国和澳大利亚两国极具创造性的艺术家合作的开始,在此项目中的根茎唱片表示很高兴能够负责整个项目。

广受好评的英国艺术工作室Other Rooms为这张黑胶唱片做了平面设计并在上海的IdleBeats进行丝网印刷,限量500张,中国官方发行方为此黑胶举行了首发仪式和IdleBeats的作品展,上海的设计工作室也为这张黑胶专辑设计了一张特别版的海报。

The Other Place,下午3点,购买新的限量版的黑胶唱片和环保袋,30元就可以在这些环保袋上进行创意图画并进行印刷; 在当晚,T恤,纸,皮肤和木材都可以在持续整晚的Shogaze和LO-FI音乐的带领下进行创意改造,而当晚的DJ则由包括张守望(Carsick Cars/White+),周乃任(Skip Skip Ben Ben/ Birdstriking)等众多独立音乐的摇滚明星们担任。

Sunday, September 29 :
Jingweir: Lantern Festival Release Party

[+] 豆瓣页面 douban event page

Speaking of DIY label releases: Jingweir Records drops their neweset, a self-titled EP from Beijing-based Briton Lantern Festival. Lantern Festival is the solo project of British-Chinese artist and songwriter Jonny Clement Brown (庄礼生). For the release party he’s joined by fellow Beijing-based in-between electronic/experimental artists Thin Gaze and Lilium.

Word on the street is the Jingweir crew is in the middle of somewhat of a reboot, working on more releases and a revamped version of their photocopied zine. Pop by this one to check up on what they’ve got cracking. Free, 9pm start.

Jingweir(京味儿)唱片带来一个新的艺术家Lantern Festival并发行他的第一张唱片,Lantern Festival是艺术家及作曲家Jonny Clement Brown (庄礼生)的个人作品。这次发行活动还会有其他一些北京本地的电子和实验音乐艺术家加入,Lilium,Thin Gaze和Damage Blanket。


Monday, September 30 :
Metrobags: Going Places & Sit Down

This one’s a Metrowaves joint: “Metrobags are affordable & sturdy bags for daily urban use, hand crafted in Beijing, developed & designed by Markus M Schneider, Beijing & Muyao_Z, Berlin. Metrobags connect local identity & universal needs in a collection of bags with a reduced & functional design. The Other Stool is an affordable and modular stool designed for The Other Place by Markus M Schneider and manufactured Beijing. The Other Stool derives from a found DIY chair optimised for modular use, thus resulting in an odd design.”

Swing by to check out site-specific and hutong-inspired design at work. Free, 8pm start.

Metrobags适用于日常都市生活,所有产品均由北京本土家作坊手工缝制完成,坚固且价格可观合理,由Markus M Schneider, Beijing 及 Muyao_Z, Berlin 共同开发设计完成。

The Other Stool是一个模块组合式板凳,价格可观合理,由Markus M Schneider为The Other Place特别设计,所有板凳均由北京本土作坊制作完成。
The Other Stool的设计灵感来源于胡同中一个偶然发现的DIY板凳,在此基础上对它改造优化成为The Other Stool——一个易于归纳使用且造型古怪的板凳。(

Tuesday, October 1:
FAR Media Lab: Poetry Machine

Liu Yiwei is a Beijing-based visual artist and founder of FAR Media Lab, a label for digital media art and electronic music in China. “Poetry Machine” is a temporary hybrid media installation of light, sound, and fog.

“Poetry Machine” randomly blends two poems on an LED text display with the same fabric and structure but different word elements. The installation is inspired by the remix methodology of DJs and electronic/experimental musicians. The subjects are memory, lies, history, and the way to self-discovery.

The installation/event will start at 7pm. At 9pm there will be a live performance by FAR/∞, a collaborative project comprising Liu Yiwei and Mu Xiaohu focusing on electronic music production and live audio-visual performance. Style = Minimal Techno, Deep House, Ambient Dub, Glitch, IDM.



诗歌机器是两首结构相同,使用两组不同词语随机拼贴形成的诗歌。用来自于DJ音乐的混音方式来混合文字内容的结构和意义。内容涉及记忆,谎言 与 历史,以及自我的探索过程。

FAR/∞ 现场演出

声音: 刘一纬+穆小虎

FAR/∞ 是刘一纬和穆小虎的电子乐组合,侧重于电子乐制作和现场演出。

Wednesday, October 2:
Touch > Hear: Hands On Audio

[+] 豆瓣页面 douban event page

Initialized by pangbianr and Metrowaves, “Touch > Hear” is a sound design open house, featuring music- and sound-oriented hardware and software designs from Meng Qi, FAR Media Lab, Native Instruments, KRK Systems, AIAIAI Headphones, Keith McMillen Instruments, and more.

“Touch > Hear” presents emerging and custom-built technologies allowing people to physically, viscerally interact with audio production. Multiple listening and ad hoc performance stations will be set up with instruments and interfaces, allowing visitors — musicians, producers, DJs, designers, and general audience with no previous music or sound design experience — to touch, play, and hear.

Free, 2pm start. The open workshop will be followed by a free evening live performance featuring the instruments and interfaces on display during the day.

“触 > 听”

“触 > 听”是一个开放的声音设计空间,音乐和声音导向硬件及软件由Meng Qi, FAR Media Lab, Midifan, Native Instruments, KRK, AIAIAI, Keith McMillen Instruments等提供。

“触 > 听”带来新兴的特别定制的技术,让人可以从身体和心理上和声音产品互动。我们会设立多个视听演出站,提供乐器和交互界面,无论您是音乐家,生产商,DJ,设计师,专业还是业余,您都可以参与到其中。

Sinotronics x pangbianr x Metrowaves 作品

Thursday, October 3: Fade Away

“Fade Away” is the closing event of “Fade In,” the week-long installation and design concept of Beijing-born, Berlin-based fashion designer Muyao_Z. She says:

“Sometimes you cannot tell if things have been ignored or if they simply disappeared.”

“People are able to create but not to keep. There are incomplete shapes everywhere. However those are exactly the things that built up your life.” 

8pm start, free.

现居于柏林生于北京的时装设计师Muyao_Z带来她的项目“Fade Away”,其中包括“Fade Away Pockets”——一个带有“fade away”解构性口袋设计的中性衬衫系列。一共11件衬衫将在The Other Other Place和The Other Place两个场地展出,9月26日到10月6日的11天中它们将依次“溶解消失”

这是一个关于不完整结构和不完整存在的故事,一个形状的边界可能只有一条接缝线,或者这条接缝线根本就不存在。这个故事会在The Other Place和The Other Other Place两地之间进行。衬衫将会在这里展出。

“Fade Away”会是The Other Place在北京国际设计周2013中的闭幕活动。


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