Weekly Update: Sour Soup

By , 2016年 4月 14日

Hey all — quick one, I’m heading to Dalian for the weekend. After last week’s double-header I need some sea air to balance out. But here are some suggestions if you’re landlocked in Beijing this weekend. Short version: just go to Fruistyspace.

First up, on Friday, they host visiting artist Sergio Calderon and his Chimeras project. Sergio got in touch with us through the old contact@pangbianr.com and we hooked him up with Meridian, but since they’re still provisionally closed to live shows, he got bounced around the corner to Fruityspace. Here’s a self-intro:

I am a London based artist, usually work together in some projects with Céli Lee, this is our credentials: Sergio Calderon and Céli Lee

We also do have an avant garde music band, MU. We have been developing a performance project called Chimeras, there are a series of videos exploring, different ‘Chimeras’, each performance would have a different musical improvisation and the order of the videos would be altered too.

8:30pm start


Chase that on Sunday with a night of ambient electronics from Dee, Wen Liang, and ?. Dee — née Sheng Di, the child toy killer — has already started a kind of self-declared Fruityspace residency. Look for him to pop up there pretty regularly, sometimes unannounced. In trawling Dee’s facebook page to find something else to say I stumbled across another lil noise gig he’s putting on this weekend, Saturday (4.16) at What Bar. He says:

WORST HARSH NOISE GRINDCORE Band plays at Old What Beijing this Saturday night. Very fashion very nice very cool very fucked. You can save the ticket(30rmb) for a beer by getting your ass spanked 3 times.

Can’t really read the poster… does it say “sour penis soup”? Nice one.

So that’s a double dose of Dee, SAT (4.16) @ What Bar and SUN (4.17) @ Fruityspace.


Last up, a little save the date/start planning out your proto-summer vacation time tip: excellent Shenzhen venue B10 will throw their third annual Tomorrow Festival from May 11-15. Tomorrow Festival is typically an eclectic blend of jazz and regional folk music, peppered with some experimental & improv heads reflecting the organizers’ personal tastes and network. This year’s pretty solid end to end but… holy shit, FAUST is playing?! They’re human??? That’s worth price of entry/cumulative 20-hour high-speed train ride alone! Cherry on top: closing the festival out is Japanese psychedelic speed freak Keiji Haino, fingers crossed! (His May 2014 stop in the Mainland was canceled, because 2014 was just a rough year for silverhaired Japanese guitar mystics across the board.)

So see you in Shenzhen maybe!

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