Weekly Update: Starting Over Again

By , 2016年 3月 9日

Let’s try this again! Most of the gigs from the last weekly update were either canceled or relocated. In fact, all of Ryosuke Kiyasu’s China shows were picked off one by one, like so many sitting ducks. Luckily he found a living room or public underpass to play in each of his scheduled stops. Fingers crossed this week’s offerings are immune from the lianghui heat…


First up, Malaysian improv duo FUGU pop into town for two performances: tonight (WED March 9) at DDC and Saturday (March 12) at Fruityspace. The latter is the new live venue opened by the concerns behind Dongsi vinyl store Fruityshop. I haven’t been yet — their first scheduled show was one of the canceled Kiyasu gigs. Hopefully this one will go off without a hitch. Fruityspace is located at 13 Meishuguan Dong Jie (美术馆东街13号), a dog-leg to the southeast of Meridian Space.

Back to Fugu: “FUGU is an essentially Malaysian creation: it reflects the multilingual Malaysian at large, their multiple identities and the constant brushing of shoulders with different cultures and ideas. The duo created FUGU to explore the idea of ‘limitless music’, a music fueled by their identifying as perpetual outsiders: Fung an outsider in the bustling New York City and Ng, out of the general currents in the metropolitan sprawl of developing Kuala Lumpur.”


On Thursday, Antidote continues their foray into “wtf” club culture by hosting New York club kid du jour Juliana Huxtable. She’s an artist, poet, model, DJ, etc, etc, who’s now in Beijing to take part in an unpronounceable group show called Vhhhjjjzzzhh. That opens on Monday (March 14) at hutong gallery I: project space; find full exhibition info here and an interview with the show’s organizer, Swiss curator and artist Jeanne Graff of floating conceptual gallery 186f Kepler, here.

Not sure what Huxtable’s set will sound like, though it’ll probably include spoken word performance of some kind, and she’s joined also by Swiss-Tibetan producer and DJ Lhaga Koondhor, aka Asian Eyez, who should be pretty rad. All the cool kids will be at this one.


Then, on Friday, Shanghai-based experimental music performance series Voltage Divider makes its Beijing debut with a live performance featuring Nathan Felix of the Austin, TX group Noise Revival Orchestra. He’ll perform a live set of ambient, cinematic electronic soundscapes, maybe sounding something like this:

Felix is bolstered by support sets from Voltage Divider founder Soundspade and Shanghai’s Goooose, plus live electronics from Beijing’s Noise Arcade and the brand new band Hielektromen, which I think is a bunch of house DJs doing live dance music on drum machines and samplers.

If you want to see the full Noise Revival Orchestra in action, you can do so the following night (SAT March 12) at School.


FUGU (Malaysia) = WED 3.9 @ DDC + SAT 3.12 @ Fruityspace (13 Meishuguan Dong Jie)

Juliana Huxtable + Asian Eyez = THU 3.10 @ Dada

Voltage Divider feat. Nathan Felix = FRI 3.11 @ Aotu Studio

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