Weekly Update: Summer Haze

By , 2016年 5月 27日

Welcome back! Melting yet? More haze ahead:

First up: some Russian witch house/internet-deformed club music hybrids via Moscow label Hyperboloid. You might have caught that crew before, if you follow such things, when label affiliates 813 and Pixelord passed through last year. This time around, Hyperboloid co-founder Saburov is bringing along Summer of Haze, who makes non-mainstream trap/bass music and, yeah, witch house, which, holy shit, is its own crazy thing in Russia.

I interviewed Saburov about fresh sounds from the Runet ghetto for Time Out; read that here, or just click play on the mix above to get a taste.

Summer of Haze and Saburov are at Dada this Saturday (May 28), 10pm start, 60rmb



Next, the obligatory Fruityspace check-in. Can’t emphasize how important it is for the music scene to have a dusty, dirty basement full of vinyl nerds and noise hippies. Given its noise restrictions, Fruityspace is perfectly outfitted to accommodate gigs easy on the decibel level, like shows of ambient and experimental electronics. They have two of those this weekend, beginning with a chill one this evening featuring glitch pop duo Prayer Circle, ambient droner layer and increasingly ubiquitous synthesizer tinkerer Meng Qi.

That’s followed up on Saturday afternoon with a show put on by Yi Xi, a newish live electronic performance label put on by local producers iimmune and VU. They threw a show in April under the name Northern Electronics, and are relaunching with the new name this weekend. In addition to iimmune and VU Saturday’s bill also includes Dumb Plants of Ni Bing‘s Drum Rider label.

If you haven’t yet, take a listen to iimmune’s new Abnormal EP, released about a month ago via Douban’s D Force Records imprint. Impressive stuff.


Next up: some old Shanghai buddies coming up to Beijing for a weekend romp. Parachutes on Fire is a psych folk group rising from the ashes (heh) of former masked freak-rock band Friend or Foe (check pangbianr’s vintage interview with FoF here).

Here’s a brand new, well done video to demonstrate:

Parachutes on Fire are coming up for two shows this weekend: one tonight at increasingly live music-friendly Moroccan restaurant Caravan (details here), and another on Saturday at DDC. The latter has a nice supporting cast as well, with opening sets by thruoutin, Wang Shengnan, and some new band that sounds like it was recently puked up by these guys.

Full info here.


Last up, looking forward to next week: from May 31 through June 2, Hot Cat Club takes a break from its regularly scheduled program of endless jams / amateur standup to host a residency for legendary British disk jockey, DJ Scratchy. The poster there pretty much says it all: Scratchy was around for the first wave of the punk rock, and instrumental in making it friendly with Kingston sounds flooding into London at around the same time.

Pop to Hot Cat on May 31 for a screening of The Clash semi-documentary Rude Boy, in which Scratchy stars, followed by a Q&A with the man himself. Return on June 1 and 2 to witness Scratchy’s skills behind the decks — the first night is reggae/ska, the second all rock’n’roll.

Full ticketing/timing etc info in the poster above.


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