2011/10/7 @ What Bar: Carsick Cars (cassette release) + Soviet Pop

By , 2011年 9月 27日

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Surviving multiple venue changes, ebbs and flows, WHAT BAR is still going strong. The Forbidden City’s friendly neighborhood rock’n’roll dive bar is celebrating 10 years this October holiday, and we are very happy to join the celebration with a special show to wrap up the week of festivities.

十年,拆迁三次,由新到旧。最后伫立在了故宫旁边长达8年之久。老what在十年的岁月里,选择了完全脱离了商业的运作。在共同的摇滚理想面前,老What小而不精的场地给了所有热爱摇滚乐的乐队一个完全没有约束的舞台,除了那粗糙的设备(我们会慢慢改善)。2011.10.1-10.7,老What 七天十周年庆典。让闷燥的老What使出内心最强大的力量让你们在十一期间燥起来!

Come out Friday 7 October for sets by Zhang Si’an, Lowbow, Soviet Pop and the newly reconfigured Carsick Cars. Note that we will also (finally) be releasing a cassette single featuring two previously unreleased (in physical form) Carsick Cars tracks recorded earlier this year, “She Will Wait” and “Could You Be There”.

十月七号(周五)会有两个乐队在老What演出:张思安, lowbow, 苏维埃·波普Carsick Cars。旁边儿也会在这个演出发行Carsick Cars新来的磁带, “She Will Wait” b/w “Could You Be There”。

Carsick Cars at Black Rabbit Festival 2011. photo by Liu Kai.

Tickets are 20元 and the tape will run you 30元, still a pretty cheap night even if you factor in numerous drinks! Come tie one off, enjoy some loud rock & noise and thank Qin Xuan and her crew for making What Bar a decade+ Beijing institution.


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