skipskip benben, 有喜, Chaos
@ What Bar

By , 2012年 2月 6日

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Dragon Year is here, the fireworks are done, the tang yuan is eaten, let’s all get back to work…

flyer by Lulu Chow

二月十号九点 ,老what (看地图)
FRIDAY 10 February, 9pm, What Bar (map here)

ticket 20 rmb

三个乐队 3 bands:

skipskipbenben: warming up to take the stage at Yugong Yishan ahead of Brooklyn poppers Pains of Being Pure at Heart later this month;
有喜 (You Xi): the increasingly funky garage noise duo poised to impress in the new year;
and CHAOS: a gnarly grunge group fresh off a Carsick Cars-induced hiatus (the two bands share a drummer)

We’re back and we will kill the past.

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