2011/10/14: Yan Jun @ Outdustry HQ

By , 2011年 10月 8日

Oct 14th, 2011, 7:00pm

北京东城区八宝坑胡同6号 [地图]
No.6 Babaokeng hutong,dongcheng district [map]

ticket: 30 RMB (free beer)

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Veteran sound artist Yan Jun has just finished a three-month-long tour of living rooms in Beijing, altogether encompassing nine unique performances, each leaving a deep impression on the people who participated. No noisy distractions of public spaces, no bar, no loud socializing… the audience of each private performance was allowed to simply listen and meditate in a closed domestic space. This was the goal of the tour.


Enter a strange room, sit and wait for the sound, communicate with eyes instead of spoken language. Information is mediated by the frequency ranges of the microphone, personal feedback. During the performance maybe you lose patience, maybe you fall asleep… it doesn’t matter. No one obstructs your freedom. In itself, the performance is about sound triggering personal reactions.


Now Outdustry invites Yan Jun to perform at our headquarters, a small outdoor courtyard. It won’t be quite the same experience as a living room. It’s more like a normal performance, a follow-up, but similar in the sense that the artist will be improvising for the first time in a new space, and will give our ears a new sense and experience of hearing.

about the artist:

YAN JUN: yanjun.org

撒把芥末/观音唱片发起者。2005年发明了实验音乐活动“水陆观音”和Mini Midi音乐节。
现为FEN(Fareast Network,大友良英,柳汉吉,袁志伟,颜峻)乐队成员。

Yan Jun, working with sound and language.
Born in Lanzhou in 1973. Based in Beijing. B.A. of Chinese Literature.
As an improviser he uses feedback noise in recent concerts. He also does field recording, site-specific sound art, voice and writing.
Founder of Sub Jam/Kwanyin Records, which coordinated the weekly Waterland Kwanyin event series (2005-2010) and annual festival Mini Midi (since 2005).
Member of FEN (Fareast Network, Otomo Yoshihide, Ryu Hankil, Yuen Cheewai and Yan Jun).
He has performed extensively in China and internationally, enjoying support from the Asian Cultural Council as a resident musician in New York in 2011.

几段视听 mp3 and video: myspace.com/yanjunyanjun
一个新集体博客,以及电台 a new group blog and online radio station: miji.subjam.org
联系 contact: subjam at gmail dot com

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