Yang Haisong in City Weekend

By , 2011年 2月 28日

For the most recent installment in her consistently on-point music beat column in City Weekend, sometime pangbianr-contributor Liz Tung profiled P.K.14 frontman and recording engineer Yang Haisong.

~ Yang Haisong Interview (by Bob Blunt)
~ Birdstriking in the Studio (by Liu Kai)

Her article focuses mostly on Yang’s recording work, which has included albums by Carsick Cars, Ourself Beside Me, Nanjing’s 8 Eye Spy, and most recently Birdstriking. Read Liz’s article below for some candid quotes about Haisong’s goals for the new Birdstriking record. pangbianr will also be releasing news about another new Yang Haisong recording soon…

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