Zoomin’ Night CD Release
@ D-22, 19-20 & 23 November 2010

By , 2010年 11月 7日

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Come out on Friday 11/19, Saturday 11/20 and Tuesday 11/23 for a 3-day showcase of Beijing’s underground experimental bands and solo artists who together comprise the wildly dynamic weekly Zoomin’ Night. If you haven’t already, you can read about Zoomin’s history and its coterie of musicians in Pete DeMola’s excellent We Live In Beijing Zoomin’ Night profile.


The Zoomin’ Night: Vol. 1 compilation CD is the inaugural release on Maybe Noise, an imprint of Maybe Mars. The cd itself comes in cool fold-out packaging and features one track apiece from nine Zoomin’ mainstays:

~ 心脏杂音 (Cardiac Murmur)
~ 昼夜售冰 (Ice Seller)
~ A4Destroyer
~ Carpet of Let
~ 路新配 (luxinpei)
~ Fat City
~ Wanderlust
~ Sister Oriented
~ 张守望 (Zhang Shouwang)

The cd also comes with a download code for 32 additional songs from these bands.


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The cd will be officially released over the weekend of friday/saturday November 19/20 at D-22. If you come on one of these two nights you can pick up the cd for the discounted price of 20元. The party will continue on Tuesday, 23 November with 5 solo performances from some of the younger musicians in the mix. Line-ups for each show (plus a sample of some of the bonus tracks) below.


而后,11月23日的燥眠夜还将是这次首发演出的after party:参与合集录音的五位年轻音乐人将分别做他们的个人独奏表演。从古典音乐到氛围实验,从极简电子到混有工业声响的爵士乐,这是他们在乐队之外更加自我的尝试。

Friday 19 November 11月19日(周五)

10pm start, 40元 (students 30元)

Fat City – 地铁

~ Fat City (featuring Zoomin’ Night organizer Zhu Wen Bo on keyboard)
~ Carpet of Let (representing the Tianjin Zoomin’ Night contingent)
~ 吹万 (Chui Wan) (up and coming spacey noise rock)
~ Birdstrking (one of the top BJ bands playing this brand of noise rock)
~ 张守望 (Zhang Shouwang) (solo set from Carsick Cars’ lead guitar)

Saturday 20 November 11月20日(周六)

10pm start, 40元 (students 30元)

Wanderlust – Harangue

~ Wanderlust(another Tianjin act that makes the Tues night run often)
~ 昼夜售冰 (also Tianjin, featuring some wild sax)
~ 迷库(from Nanjing)
~ Mr. Rotten (Beijing goth-noise rock)
~ 特别嘉宾乐队 (special guest… stay tuned)

Tuesday 23 November 11月23日(周二)

9pm start, 30元 (students 20元)

~ 何凡 (He Fan) (solo guitar shreds from Birdstriking’s lead guitarist)
~ 修迪 (Xiu Di) (free-form experimental saxophone from Zoomin’ Night’s most precocious regular — he’s still in high school!)
~ 刘心宇 (Liu Xinyu) (challenging, rewarding electronics from 吹万’s guitarist)
~ 闫玉龙 (Yan Yulong) (looped and layered violin from one of Zoomin’s most prolific individuals — Xiao Long also plays in Chuiwan, A4Destroyer and Sister Oriented)
~ 左玮 (Zuo Wei) (more free sax from Tianjin)

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