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By , 2011年 3月 22日

我还记得那是Vice TV去年在燥眠夜CD首发演出的当晚,用专业的设备记录下这一切。当我知道Noisey.TV将在SXSW音乐节期间推出一个特别活动的时候,我觉得这或许也是一个绝好的机会,让来自燥眠夜现场的珍贵影像能在这里有一个完美的结尾。

I remember Vice TV conspicuously filming several bands at the Zoomin’ Night CD Release shows last year. When I read about the launch party to take place during SXSW, I figured that’s where the videos would end up.

这是一个令人印象深刻的平台。 北京部分主要是关注了鸟撞飞机和24小时两个乐队,网站通过视频把他们直观地展现给了世界的乐迷。在鸟撞飞机视频条的下方,大家可以登录他们的网站,收看更多来自世界各地的现场演出视频。

And it’s an impressive platform. The Beijing section features Birdstriking and 24 Hours, and the site generally showcases bands from all over the world. Below stream the Birdstriking video series and visit to see their comprehensive (and well funded, by Intel and Dell) spread of music video from around the globe. (Also check their Dirty Beaches videos.)

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