pangbianr x Cease to Exist!

By , 2011年 3月 18日

While in Austin for South by Southwest I met up with my friend Veronica Ortuño, who puts together a great monthly radio podcast featuring underground music and interviews with bands from the US, Mexico, Australia, and elsewhere. Along with some other Austin music heads, Veronica organized a great showcase, which Carsick Cars will be playing tonight at 8:30pm.

Cease to Exist! #019: Snags

Stream the podcast, featuring a ~20 minute interview about pangbianr and the Beijing scene and the following tracks:

1. Carsick Cars – “Stick”
2. Carsick Cars – “Mexico”
3. Ourself Beside Me – “Sunday Girl”
4. Queen Sea Big Shark – “Neo Man”
5. Hot & Cold – “Uighur Pop”
6. Soviet Pop – “Deutsch”
7. Offset Spectacles – “Snags (碰壁)”
8. Chuiwan – “Live @ Raying Temple”
9. Fat City – “Waiting for No. 2”
10. Carpet of Let – “Psychokinesis (excerpt)”
11. Ice Seller – “Smile (笑)”
12. Xiao He – “Live at Santos Party House (NYC)”
13. Hedgehog – “Tell Them I Love You (告诉他们我爱你)”
14. Birdstriking – “Space Hakka”

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