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By , 2010年 11月 24日

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Doc Talk Shock是来自东北海滨城市大连,或许像很多北京的新生代乐队一样,他们年轻且有着十足的勇气。在大连其实同样有着极好的音乐氛围,这里有许许多多的出色乐队,他们经常会在当地一些酒吧演出场所表演或者自发性的组织一些活动演出。大多数乐手也一样,除了平时玩音乐,各自都有自己的工作职位。就像采访中所提及的,创作音乐是令大家可享乐的一个过程,因为喜欢共同的音乐而结交成好朋友。

Doc Talk Shock is a band from the city of Dalian on China’s northeast coast, and like the new generation of bands in Beijing, they bring a lot of young, bold energy to the table. The Dalian music scene is surprisingly well-established. The city has recently produced a handful of talented bands, who play shows at a few local bars and music venues. The musicians all work day jobs, and making music is a refreshing change of pace for the members of the Dalian scene.

Doc Talk Shock的音乐深受着90年代美国独立摇滚乐的影响。悦耳明亮的吉他旋律,有时也喜欢制造些无规则的声响,很多人一听都会觉得好像是当前的北京乐队。主唱善用英文唱词,吉他的编配非常直爽,当然也是令人不可捉摸的。可并不是盲从于什么样的形式,他们喜欢好听的旋律,也爱嘈杂的声音,这就是Doc Talk Shock的音乐表达方式。

Doc Talk Shock is heavily influenced by a number of American indie rock bands from the 1990s. You can hear clean and bright guitar melodies, yet also at times more unstable and noisy sonic textures – a lot of listeners will probably think they’re a Beijing band when they first hear them. They sing in English with penetrating guitar lines that can seem a bit unpredictable. Though it’s clear that they’re not blindly following the boundaries of a particular genre, they love good melodies and they love good noise. That’s just how these guys make music.

乐队于08年正式成立,至今由他们自己发表过一张五首歌的EP. 大家可以通过乐队豆瓣艺人页面试听所有歌曲。Doc Talk Shock今年夏天在北京D-22 Club也有表演过,这月底他们会再次来到北京在相同的地方表演,在还没演出前,旁边儿网站与乐队做了一个在线采访。希望在演出当天大家并不会那么陌生,呵呵。

The band was officially formed in 2008, and have since self-released a self-titled EP. You can stream the full EP on their douban page. Doc Talk Shock has played Beijing once before at D-22 this past summer. On November 27 they will return to the same venue to play again, this time with Birdstriking and Mr. Graceless. I interviewed Jiang Hao, DTS’s guitarist and lead vocalist. Read on to learn more about the band and the emerging scene in Dalian!

pangbianr: Doc Talk Shock可能对于很多人来说是一支比较年轻的乐队,而且你们是来自大连,可以介绍一下你们自己吗?

Doc Talk Shock: Doc Talk Shock 是一支来自大连的Indie/Noise Pop乐队,由吉他/主唱姜浩、吉他喻冬、贝斯魏刚 (Kozachinskiy) 和鼓手陈跃龙组成。也可以上豆瓣艺人页面查看我们的资料。

pangbianr: Doc Talk Shock is a pretty new band and you’re also from Dalian, so how about you introduce yourselves?

Doc Talk Shock: Doc Talk Shock is an Indie/Noise Pop band from Dalian, with myself, Jiang Hao, on guitar and lead vocals, Yu Dong on lead guitar, Kozachinskiy on bass and Chen Yuelong on drums. You can check out more info on our douban artist page.

pbr: 组队有多长时间了?有关于乐队的名字来历?以及受什么样的音乐影响?

DTS: 我跟喻冬一起玩的时间长一些,大概有三、四年了,魏刚和陈跃龙大概是两年前先后加入进来的。喻冬在大学里当老师,在学校里把我们录的歌给学校的教授听,当时博士教授就震惊了,借用这个典故,我们就随机用三个单词拼成了乐队的名字。有点怪异是吧?呵… 我们的影响主要来自于一些音乐形式比较奇特的独立乐队,像Broken Social Scene, Sonic Youth, Pavement, Yo La Tengo, Modest Mouse等等。

pbr: How long have you been together? How did you choose your name? What are your musical influences?

DTS: I’ve been playing with Yu Dong for a bit longer, about three or four years. But Kozachinskiy and Chen Yuelong joined the band about two years ago. So about the band name, Yu Dong teaches at a university and started giving our recordings to some of the professors. At the time, a lot of the professors were pretty shocked by our sound, so we conceived of our name based on their reaction to our music, using three words to make our band name, Doc Talk Shock. It’s a little strange, right? Umm, so our influences are mostly from indie bands who we feel have made music in unusual ways, like Broken Social Scene, Sonic Youth, Pavement, Yo La Tengo, Modest Mouse etc.

pbr: 你们之前还在什么地方表演过?北京的音乐氛围你们有什么感想?

DTS: 我们在广州和北京都演过,去外地演出总会遇到意想不到的事情。这一点足够让我们兴奋起来,北京还是全国独立音乐的中心,到处都有演出看,我们喜欢那里的氛围,有很多优秀的乐队。但是我们还是更倾向于大连的生活吧,鱼与熊掌总是不能兼得的。

pbr: Where else have you played in China? What do you think of the Beijing music scene?

DTS: We’ve played in Guangzhou and Beijing before, and whenever you go on the road to play shows you always encounter some things you could never have imagined. So this is enough to keep things exciting. Beijing is still the center for indie music in China, with shows always happening all over the city. There are so many great bands, so we love the atmosphere here. But we still lean more towards our lives in Dalian — we like to have our cake and eat it too.

pbr: 你觉得是什么促使大连这个城市的独立音乐如此特别?

DTS: 大连是个美好的城市,生活节奏不那么快,可能这种惬意的生活环境让大连的乐队少了一份浮躁。音乐的圈子也不是很大,乐手之间互相都是好朋友,大家经常相互交流,而且都在很用心,很享受的在做自己的音乐。演出相对不是那么多,但是每次演出你都可以看到百分百投入的乐队和疯狂的观众们。

pbr: What makes the Dalian music scene special?

DTS: Dalian is a great city and the lifestyle is more laid back. Maybe it’s this kind of easy-going lifestyle that makes the bands a little less edgy. The music circle in Dalian isn’t very big, and most of the people in bands are good friends, so there’s a lot of opportunity for collaboration. The bands are also really passionate about what they’re doing, and really enjoy producing their music. There aren’t that many shows, but when there’s a big show you can always count on all the local bands being there with a sea of crazy fans.

pbr: 这些年来确实在大连似乎营造了一股很好的独立音乐氛围,比如惘闻Which Park和Spiral Cow都独具气质,可以说说他们的音乐吗?

DTS: 当然,惘闻作为大连最成功的乐队。他们做音乐认真的态度给了我们很好的榜样,每次看惘闻的现场都是一场酣畅淋漓的享受。至于他们的音乐当然不用我多介绍了,呵呵。 Which Park 的音乐表达性很强,你很容易就被他们歌中所体现的情绪感染。Spiral Cow 的音乐的确是与众不同的,你永远不知道他们的歌里下一部分会是什么,所以听他们的音乐总是充满期待的,而且他们决不会让你感到失望。

pbr: Over the past few years, Dalian has produced a handful of really solid bands, like Wang Wen, Which Park and Spiral Cow. What do you think of their music?

DTS: Of course, Wang Wen is definitely the most successful band from Dalian. They make music in a very serious way and we really look up to them. We always get really inspired when we see them play a show. So I don’t really need to say much more about them. As for Which Park, their music is really powerful and expressive, so it’s easy to be infected by the emotions they unveil in their songs. Spiral Cow’s music is entirely different from the other bands, and you can never anticipate what’s coming next in any given song. So every time I hear their music there’s a great deal of anticipation, and they never let you down.

pbr: 大家有时也会在排练室一起排练玩吗?应该有很多有趣或者令你们记忆犹新的事情吧?

DTS: 是的。我们几个乐队都在一个排练室排练,大家经常一起玩,有的时候这几个乐队的成员会随意组合,玩不同的乐器,形成无数个不同的乐队,把音乐的多样性最大化,我们总爱给这些组合起各种怪异搞笑的名字,然后笑上半天,当然这些乐队大部分都没有演出过,因为他们大部分就存在几个小时吧!哈哈!

pbr: Do the members of these other bands ever get together and play? Are there any interesting stories between these bands, or particular experiences that are most memorable?

DTS: Yeah. All of our bands use the same practice space, so we play together a lot. Sometimes the members of these different bands just get together and play different instruments than they usually play, creating all sorts of unusual band configurations that create infinite possibilities for sound. We have a lot of fun giving these different groups of musicians bizarre and ridiculous names. Of course, a lot of these groups have never officially performed before, mostly because most of them have only existed for a few hours! [laughs]

pbr: 在大连你们平时除了玩玩音乐,各自都主要忙些什么呢?

DTS: 我们实际上都有自己的事情去做,我和朋友有一个小的公司在经营,喻冬是大学里的英语老师,魏刚是个学习很好的留学生,刚被保送了大连理工大学的研究生,陈跃龙在做跟动画有关的事情。

pbr: In Dalian, what else do you do when you’re not playing in the band?

DTS: We all have our own jobs and projects that keep us busy. A friend of mine and I run a small company. Yu Dong is an English teacher at a university. Kozachinskiy is a very diligent exchange student who recently got into Dalian Engineering and Technology University’s grad program. The drummer Chen Yuelong works as an animator.

pbr: 在今年你们发表的同名EP五首曲目当中,有时吉他演奏特别明亮整齐悦耳,有时又是凌乱无序夹杂着扭曲的嘈杂声,现在说来对这张EP有什么想说的?

DTS: 这是我们第一张EP, 可能这张更多的还是热血,哈哈。里面有一些生活中奇怪的想法,对一些瞬间的记录等等。这张EP算是对乐队一段时期的小总结,但它对于我们来说已经是过去式了,我们现在正在忙于排练新的作品。

pbr: On the self-titled EP you released this year, the guitar sound varies from being very bright and clean to what is at times more chaotic and noisy with heavy distortion. Is there anything you’d like to say about the EP?

DTS: This is our first EP, so maybe it’s a little wild [laughs]. There are a lot of strange ideas about life contained in the EP, and a lot of passing reflections on our fleeting experiences in life. The EP kind of encapsulates the way our band was at the time, but looking back it seems like it’s already a thing of the past, so we’re working on a lot of new material right now.

pbr: 接下来你们有准备新的专辑计划吗?会打算以什么样的方式来发布自己的专辑?

DTS: 有的,应该在明年的春天我们还会录一张专辑。现在谈论它还为时过早。

pbr: Moving forward, do you have plans to record a full album? How would you plan to distribute the album?

DTS: Yes, we have plans to record an album next spring, but it’s too early to say what it’ll be like.

pbr: 今年夏天你们也同样有在北京的D22演出,上次的表演经历有什么样的印象?这个月底再次来到D22表演,你们会有什么样的期待?

DTS: 上一次在D22的演出是令人印象深刻和兴奋的,那是我们第一次在北京演出,演出刚开始几秒,观众的热情完全打消我们仅有的一点顾虑。这一次演出我们当然会期待有更热情的观众,同时这次有两支来自兵马司厂牌非常优秀的乐队和我们一起演出,之前和他们也有过愉快的交流。相信这次会是个激动人心的夜晚!

pbr: This summer you also played a show at D-22. How did you feel about that show and what kind of anticipation do you have going into the next D-22 show at the end of the month?

DTS: Our last show at D-22 left us with a deep impression and a lot of excitement. It was our first time playing in Beijing, and after the opening seconds of our set, the warmth of the crowd dispelled any worries we had going into the show. With the upcoming show, we’re anticipating that we’ll have an even stronger reaction from the crowd. And there will also be two great Maybe Mars bands playing with us [Birdstriking and Mr. Graceless], bands we’ve had a great time hanging out with before. I’m sure it’ll be an exciting night for everybody.

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