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By , 2010年 7月 16日

Which Park have been making music since 2005. They’re currently in the process of recording an album set for release in September 2010. You can catch them at Cow Fish Mouth Mountain Water Music Festival (牛鱼嘴山水音乐节), going on now. We had the opportunity to interview them after a show in Beijing recently.

Which Park 于2005年成立并开始创作音乐,目前乐队正在录制唱片,希望今年九月份发行,最近他们参加广东牛鱼嘴山水音乐节。上次Which Park来北京D-22专场,旁边儿有机会采访到了乐队主唱。

pangbianr: How did you and the other members of Which Park originally meet?


Which Park: We were all students. I was friends with our bassist in high school; the other guitar player Wang and the drummer knew each other in middle school. After starting college, I was at the same university as the drummer while our bassist and the other guitar player were at another university. We’ve always had marvelous relationships.


pbr: Which Park’s sound is pretty unique: did it go through different stages of development? Were there specific impetuses for these changes?

Which Park的声音很独特,它有特定的发展阶段吗?有具体的动力激励这些改变吗?

Which Park: We experienced no progress for a very long time, which is to say we encountered many bottlenecks. During that time, every time we rehearsed it was pretty boring, almost every idea would be rejected. However, after a bit we gradually found our direction: we knew how to move forward. If during that difficult time we had given up we might just have broken up and not made it to where we are today.

Speaking of motivating forces, for example, I’ll listen to some music I’d never heard before. For this I’m grateful to our previous guitarist Leon: the band he previously played in is called Spiral Cow. Spiral Cow is China’s first meaningful math rock band. I prefer more melodious songs - I’m less sensitive to aspects of rhythm. He [Leon] played many bands that emphasize the rhythm portion in their music. Initially I rejected these bands but they gradually grew on me. Through rhythm, you can discover new things, especially really interesting bits, in the music. I’m really into African music.

我们曾经经历过很长一段时间没有进步,算是遇到了瓶颈。那段时间每次排练都很无聊,几乎每一个动机都会被否决掉。不过后来就渐渐找到了方向,知道应该怎么发展,如果那个时候就放弃了,可能就解散了,Which Park也不会做到现在。

说到动力,比如说我会去听一些以前从来没听过的音乐,这要感谢我们的前鼓手leon,他之前玩的乐队叫spiral cow.是国内第一支意义上的math rock.我比较喜欢旋律,对节奏不太敏感。他给我听了很多玩节奏的乐队,一开始比较排斥,后来就慢慢喜欢上了。通过节奏可以发现一些新的,而且特别有意思的东西在里面。我特别喜欢一些非洲音乐。

pbr: Why, between English and Chinese, do you usually choose to write lyrics in English?


Which Park: I’m not a very frank person — I chose to use a second language to express myself more deftly。


pbr: If applicable, how do you see yourselves relative to a history of Western or Chinese rock music?


Which Park: Chinese rock was finished very early on. Without spirit, without a core, rock music can’t exist. Western rock music is a huge structure: from economics to culture, the influence is quite deep. In the eyes of Westerners rock music is perhaps not only a form of expression via music, but more of an aspect of spiritual enjoyment.


pbr: What are your influences?


Which Park: Tortoise,Broken Social scene,Arcade Fire,惘闻,Radiohead

pbr: What did you listen to when you were growing up?


Which Park: Hong Kong pop.


pbr: What are some other bands you’re excited to see in China?


Which Park: Wang Wen and Rebuilding the Rights of Statues (Re-TROS).


pbr: What’s the Dalian scene like compared to the Beijing scene?


Which Park: Dalian is small, without much of a nightlife to speak of. All you can do is write songs and rehearse: all the bands here are like this because there’s nothing else to do. Beijing is a large city, maybe it takes a long time to get to the rehearsal place, but at the same time there are also a lot of opportunities, competition is more intense. However, I think that might not necessarily be a good thing because you then spend a lot of time dealing with interpersonal relationships and can’t spend 100% of your time thinking about music. Maybe these are fundamentally things a musician just shouldn’t spend time doing.


pbr: Have you ever considered moving to Bejing? Why haven’t you?


Which Park: We don’t like it there. You can make music anywhere as long as you enjoy it.


pbr: What do you think is the most important thing for your band and rock music in China right now?


Which Park: Everyone in the industry needs to change their attitude, then we just wait for a miracle.


pbr: What’s the deal with your neon sign?

Which Park 上次演出的有人举出了一个你们乐队的Led牌子?你知道这件事情吗?

Which Park: It’s a play on words. I’ll tell you next time I see you. It’s actually pretty boring.


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