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By , 2016年 10月 16日

Hi all — pinging you to inform that pangbianr has been invited to take part in the first NTS Live event in Beijing, which will be held on Saturday, November 5 at Modernsky Lab.

Quoting myself: NTS, if you’re unfamiliar, is a “by music lovers, for music lovers” operation based in London that broadcasts interesting new and old music across a broad range of genres coming out of various corners of the globe, both through radio shows and live events. A while back they teamed up with Shanghai-based label China Social Club to set up a virtual post there, and have beamed out over 30 sets by esteemed selectors from that city’s (mostly electronic) scene. Check out NTS Live from Shanghai here.

Find the full info from NTS below the poster. For my part I’ll be playing basically an updated version of my Primate Anxiety chunjie mix, digging up more raw & unreleased tracks from the usual suspects.

NTS Live in Beijing
Modernsky Lab
Admission: Free
Saturday, November 5
8pm start
Floor B1 D 5-108 Galaxy Soho

NTS Radio Live from Beijing presented by China Social Club

Bringing NTS to Beijing has been a long time coming and we’re pleased to present the first edition of what will become regular programming, showing off the rich and awesome sounds of the capital throughout China and around the world.

在北京办NTS Live我们筹划已久,这次China Social Club终于迎来NTS北京的首秀,并且在未来NTS在北京将发展为一个定期的活动。我们会把丰富多彩的首都之声传播到世界各个角落。

Pei is a Beijing DJ and promoter with a background in disco, funk and wave but more recently stepping into the realms of house and techno. She runs the popular Bye Bye Disco party in Beijing and around China. Expecting a few influences, some Chinese tracks and new heat for her first NTS broadcast.


DJ Demone is the founder of one of China’s most popular online music radio shows, Tangsuan Radio. He also runs the party labels Retrodance and Pop City Inc.

He is an accomplished radio host with great taste and a broad music knowledge. We’re looking forward to hearing some forgotten gems from China’s past.


Josh Feola
Josh Feola is a writer and musician based in Beijing. He’s organized music, art, and film events in the city since 2010, via his label pangbianr and as a booking agent around town. As a musician he has played drums and recorded on albums for a number of Chinese bands. He also records solo under the moniker, Charm.

We’re really pleased to have Josh demonstrating the sound of awesome underground Rock n Roll scene that Beijing has long been known for in China.

Josh Feola 是一名居住在北京的作者、音乐人。他自2010年起便开始通过自己的平台旁边儿(pangbianr)以及先后担任演出经理的场地D-22、XP,组织音乐、艺术、电影活动。他的长期项目有撒丽不跳舞实验音乐节(Sally Can’t Dance),

Guzz is the co-founder of Beijing based label/collective Do Hits. With an evolving style in production and DJing, from Techno/Acid to experimental, he has been active on China’s electronic music scene since 2008.
The last couple of years has seen him putting out releases on labels from 87 FEI 87 to Do Hits, and we’re super psyched to hear him represent underground bass in Beijing for our first live broadcast on NTS.

Guzz 是居住在北京的电子乐制作人和 DJ,北京电子乐组织Do Hits 的联合创始人。从2008年开始活跃在中国电子音乐场景中。从早年的 Techno/Acid到现在的跨风格Beat, 他在音乐制作和DJ上不停进行自 我突破。

在制作音乐和DJ之外,他还参与运营策划了Do Hits系列派对、制作 人沙龙、唱片发行等一系列活动。

China Social Club

China Social Club is a music and creative platform based in Shanghai. When not digging for awesome dance records, the Australian natives are throwing parties and collaborating on awesome projects (like our collaboration with NTS radio) in China and overseas.

China Social Club是扎根于上海的创意式音乐平台。两位来自澳洲的创始人除了在全球范围内挖掘好的唱片外,还把各类多元化的派对和音乐合作项目带来中国和世界各地。

NTS is a worldwide radio station, founded by music lovers, for music lovers.



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