THIRD THURSDAY #1 @ D-22, 18 November 2010

By , 2010年 11月 10日

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It’s getting cold! Get your Winter Swing on at D-22 on the THIRD THURSDAY of this (and every) month with two student shorts and two college bands. Screenings start at 8pm. Door is 30元 or 20元 with a student ID. Students also get a “buy one get one free” beer deal!



First is “Replacement Narrative”, an experimental film by Li Xinduo. Li is a graduate student at Beijing Film Academy, where he focuses on New Media. He provides a brief synopsis:

“The short film seeks to express ideas about the space in which individuals interact and exist. While humans come from the natural world, we are simultaneously trying to return to it. These overlapping dimensions: the relationship between humans and nature, the relationship between individuals, the essence of human nature and the environment in which a person exists. From this we may begin to understand the importance of natural space and human existence. Grasping this question’s foundations about the relationship between one’s environment and one’s existence helps explain the importance of the reliance of man on the heavens, nature, and space. Simply though continually considering this connection between man and the natural environment we may begin to better understand our existence.”


Next is “Dogson” by Beijing Normal student Ye Jiangtian, who was also featured in our first Film and Music Festival. “Dogson” tells a story of a drug dealer who gets busted, exploring his fears, greed, emotions, helplessness, and his destiny of losing his freedom.


然后是两个年轻乐队的演出:ElenoreYes No Break

Following the films will be performances from two younger Beijing rock bands. Elenore have a heavy downbeat with isolated psych pockets and a strategically employed vocoder, while Yes No Break deliver jangly, up-tempo rock.

UPDATE: Elenore had to cancel their performance. In their place 阿飞, the musician featured in “Dogson”, will perform.

Check out the younger generations and mark the third thursday of every month on your calendar for more transmissions from the new film/music underground.

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