Pangbianr Music and Film Festival
@ 2 Kolegas, 25 July 2010

By , 2010年 7月 23日

Pangbianr Presents: Music & Film Festival featuring an afternoon of independent short films and La Loupe’s CD release. Films from both professional and student contemporary filmmakers hailing from China, Taiwan, Canada, U.S., and Mexico will be screened in the afternoon. Indie folk duo La Loupe will then perform to celebrate the release of their debut album. Additionally, just in case you’re in need of some creative cooking ideas, the first edition of the Pangbianr Recipe Zine will be available.

July 25th, 3:00-8:00. Come on out to 2 Kolegas on this beautiful summer Sunday to enjoy film and music with your friends.

This fest is FREE! Featured films include:

Dog Son 狗子 - 叶江天 TianJiang Ye (CN) 2009

The Noble Savage 高尚的野人 - Wesley Wingo (USA) 2009

The Expatriates 客居 – Maya Rudolph (USA) 2009

Zai Jian Hui Tian 再见灰天 - Maia Bernstein and Rosa Tu (USA) 2009

Glorious Dream 光荣的梦 – 趙小姐 Doll Zhao (TW) 2009

A Journey On Steel: Nelson to Castlegar lu在钢铁上的旅行:纳尔逊到卡斯尔加 – Scott Harber (CA) 2007

Reconstruction of A Nation: Cambodia 国家的重建:柬埔寨 – Brent McNair (CA) 2007

The Tomorrow(s) 明天 – André Péloquin (CA) 2007

The Merry Sea-Gentleman’s Voyage Below 愉快水手的地铁旅行 – Sam Scott (CA) 2006

I Confess I Have Sinned 我坦白我有罪了 – Fernando Stein (MX) 2007

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