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By , 2010年 10月 16日

Kickstarter is an online donation platform that describes itself as “a new way to fund creative ideas and ambitious endeavors.” Though we hope for pangbianr to one day be self-sustaining, we are not currently a profit-generating organization: we fund all of our projects out of our own pockets. So we’re trying to crowd-source funding for our next project.

pangbianr FILMxMUSIC project

Following in the tradition of live orchestral performances accompanying silent films, re-imagined film soundtracks, and more modern marriages of sound and image starting with Andy Warhol+Velvet Underground’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable, the pangbianr FILMxMUSIC project is an attempt to fuse the performance of live music and the visual imagination of original film-making as one unified production. Five teams, assembled of one filmmaking unit and one band or musician, will be given a sum of money and a period of time to produce an original work. The possibilities are broad and open to interpretation by each team. These collaborations will culminate in a screening/performance series to take place at numerous venues across Beijing over spring/summer 2011.

Kickstarter works through incentives, so we’re offering items from the pangbianr distro as well as some fresh Hegel’s bagels, among other things, as perks for donating.

You can learn more (and contribute!) on our Kickstarter project page:

At the very least, we hope you enjoy the short trailer we made, edited by Benny Shaffer, Maya Rudolph, and Josh Feola and incorporating footage from every corner of our archives:

Scenes 1 & 12: WHITE+ Live @ Creators Project, 18 September 2010
Scenes 2 & 10: Offset: Spectacles Live @ Mao, 25 September 2010
Scene 3: “光榮的夢 (Glorious Dream)” by Doll Zhao
Scenes 4, 6 & 11: Rustic Live @ Yugong Yishan, 11 September 2010
Scenes 5 & 7: Birdstriking Live @ What Bar, 5 September 2010
Scene 8: “昭合事變 試拍 (Showa Incident)” by Doll Zhao
Scene 9: “Living Without Men” (trailer) by Luo Yi
Scene 13: “Ai Qing Bicycle” music video by La Loupe, Maya Rudolph & Liang Kun

Music: WHITE+ Live @ Creators Project, 18 September 2010

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